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Which was the first Elder Scrolls game you played?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

About those new pictures...

... You've probably seen or heard of: I'm gonna post them here. Now. In front of everybody. Unless you do as I say and let me see your nake....
... Oops - Wrong site.

Well, heck! I guess I've got some pictures for you too!
The rumored, already seen, and pretty dull Guardian Stone

One of the anticipated "Stealth takedowns!" Now we can finally feel like real assassins!

The northern light of Skyrim - Ain't it gorgeous? It's like a sea of fiery death... Or a rainbow :D

For some reason, this is my favorite picture so far. It made me think of how the world will just suck us in and make us feel like we're actually in Skyrim. Immersion!!! IMMERSION!!!

Is this new or old? I think it's new, but... Yeah, it's new. Just for safety, I might disable comments on this post.

This guy is fucking rude (Draugr Deathlord BTW.) It's like he doesn't even want us present! 
I like this one - It says: [Insert text]


  1. In the last picture of the orc is that a warhammer in the orcs hand?

  2. I like the new pictures too, but the guardian stone ain't boring, mind you!

    Look at the details around it! The beauty of the nature they've made! So don't come here and say that it was boring! >.<

    And by the way, I share your favorite picture.
    It gives me a good feeling of "beeing in Skyrim".
    And places like in the books of "The Wheel Of Time", written by Robert Jordan.
    Everyone should check those books out if you are interested in stuff like TES! Just putting that out there!

    - Mike

  3. @ Anonymous

    I think so, but I'm not sure what to call that kind of weapon. It definitely counts as a two-handed mace though.


    I apologize Mike - I clearly overstepped my boundaries.

  4. Hahah! Meh. I just like make unnessecary problems and complaints :)

    - Mike

  5. I like the picture with the draugr deathlord, looks pretty crazy in there, at first i thought it was a night club and simply laughed at the idea.
    The lights are very beautiful.