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Monday, 17 October 2011

Dovahkiin and Company

I've worked really hard and made an insane amount (2) of posts on companions, but I feel like I need to make yet another one, due to a bunch of minor details being added to our already impressive (pathetic) overall knowledge.

So let us start at the basics and cover all that we know: You can recruit companions in Skyrim and that is pretty down-right awesome, matching the awesomeness of "Grease."
Unfortunately, you can only have one companion with you at a time, which is about as awesome as "Grease 2."

As far as I've gathered, you can bring almost anyone along - You can hire hirelings, you can bring your spouse and you take friends with you, which adds up to a pretty impressive amount. Yet we should remember that there is a certain risk to bringing our pals along, 'cause they are all but "essential," meaning that if they're dead, they're dead - As in permanent.

But let's not talk about work.
Let's talk about commanding your sure-to-be-mistreated followers! (Work again.)
There is a command wheel for them and you can tell them what approach to take to combat and to use their skills - For an example, you can get them to unlock doors for you, or even steal crap, but keep in mind that if your companions is someone like an honest priest, he won't go and do such a thing for you.
The infamous, unwanted companion:
"Adoring Fan."

Now how do we get companions?
Mostly you can just do as mentioned previously: Bring a spouse or friend, or hire someone. Then there are animal companions (so far just one,) for example a dog, which I suspect to be the infamous "Wilbur." Then you can get some through quests - In Falkreath there is a guy named Sven, who swears to follow you if you help him win the heart of his crush - Too bad that he basically requests his own doom, by offering this.

As always you can ask questions in the comment section, or our "Skyrim Coverage" facebook page.

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