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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

List of known spells

So we have a list of known mobs, which is great, but what I'd really like to make a list of, is what awesome magic we get to see in Skyrim - Spell time!

As you know, each spell in Skyrim has its own unique animation and look, making it all the more worthwhile to learn it, as opposed to Oblivion, where all the spells looked alike, to the point where I my mouth got dry and my eyes got wet - Or that might just've been from eating raw NaCl, but honestly: who knows?

Let the list begin - I may very well forget some, so if I do, please throw it up in the comments or on the facebook page, and I'll add it to the list.


  • Fire
    • Fireball
    • Flamethrower
    • Flame Rune (Trap)
  • Ice
    • Frostbite (Ice version of the Flamethrower)
    • Ice Rune
  • Lightning
    • Lightning Stream


  • Frenzy / Fury - Sends your enemy into a fit of rage, attacking everyone in sight, even his comrades - Ranged spell.
  • Detect Life - Detect life energy, even through walls and in darkness - The spell is active and drains mana as long as you hold down the "cast" button.


  • Summon Atronach (So far, only 1 is confirmed)
    • Frost Atronach
  • Zombie Resurrection - Allows you to resurrect a fallen enemy as a zombie, to fight for you.


  • (Assumed Spells)
    • Water Walking
    • Water Breathing


  • Restore - Heal yourself
  • Clairvoyance - Draw a path to your objective


  1. Do you think Water Walking will be as unrealistic as it is in Oblivion (IE Walking normally as if the water is solid), or do you think they'll make it cooler in Skyrim, like your guy floats across it or something?

    1. create ice underfoot could be cool.
      especially since we already have ice spells and its a sensible way to walk on water

  2. Dear McBraas,
    Thank you so much for all this information, (f*ck Dave Matthews.) I'd like to add to your spells, all i remember is Clairvoyance, which shows a path to your objective with a glowing blue line, but as soon as i watch the E3 gameplay again ill tell you more. Anyways as far as dragons go, a trusted source said Lightning Spitters are the toughest dragons in Skyrim. Also may i request you to do another article on dragon shouts? There's some really awesome ones, but it'd be cool if you could get some more of their effects in there, like Super Sprint, Slow Time, Dragon Breath, and Summon Storm.

    Statues and Limitations,

  3. Thank you for your comments

    @ #1
    It's a mere guess, but yes I do think that water walking will be like Skyrim - Although maybe there will be some more realistic-looking ripples.

    @ #2
    Thanks. I'll add clairvoyance and lightning spitter dragons to our lists. Also, your right - I'll make a Dragon Shout lists that is not part of the earlier Dragon Shout post and add the shouts you've mentioned there.

    It'll be a little while, as I am kinda spoken for ATM, but thank you for chipping in.

  4. LOL thanks YOUR AWESOME

    Statues and Limitations,

  5. I know this is completely irrelevant but I just heard werewolves will not be is skyrim initially but it may be future dlc. Is this true?

  6. Yes, that is absolutely true, I'm afraid. I sense I should make a post about that.

  7. Hey, is "Statues and Limitations" a sarcastic way of criticizing Diablo II, using words rhyming with Deckard Cains inevitable, tedious greetings?

  8. Oh no, its from a comedian called The Oatmeal (Matthew Innman) His website is the and its really hilarious. Its like any other closing, but it makes fun of a thirteen year old who sent him hatemail and said "There is no statue of limitations" lol. Oh and id like to thank you for all your hard work on this blog and all your others, especially for having a easy-to-read capcha thing!
    Statues and Limitations,

  9. Am I the only one that silently weeps and touches themselves at night because they dont have skyrim yet?


  10. There is a Fire Atronach got it yesterday been using the hell out of it.

  11. Some spells are that I have are

    Firebolt-fires a small orb of fire
    Fireball- deals 50 pts of damage in 15 ft radias
    Flames- 10 pts of damage per second in a stream
    Fire rune- places a magical rune on a flat surface near the caster that does 50 pts of damage when stepped on.
    Fire Breath- dragon shout, does tons of damage

    Frost bolt- similiar to firebolt but drains stamina
    Frost rune- similar to fore run but drains stamina
    Ice storm?(sorry forgot name)- does 50 pts of damage in an area/line affect, drains stamina
    Ice form- dragon shout, does some damage and encases the targets in ice, immobilizing them. Any other damage breaks ice, good for CC.

    Lightning bolt- same as fire bolt but drains magic
    Lightening rune- same as fire rune but drains magicka
    Sparks- similar to flames but does 8 pts of damage and drains magicka

    Healing- heals 15 pts of damage per second to self
    Healing hands- same as above but on target
    Wards- lesser: +40 armor rating and blocks 40 spell damage. The other ranks get better
    Barkskin/Stoneskin- just gives armor rating similar to the wards

    Muffle- makes you walk quieter for some time, great for rogue-type characters
    Transmute- turns iron ore into silver ore, silver ore into gold ore. MEGA MONEY!

    Bound Weapon- note this is not a spell name, it just clumps together all the weapons that are available in-game. Ex. Bound sword
    Bound Armor- again not using as a spell name, just as a clumper. Ex. Bound Bacers
    Summon atronach- summons a fire, storm, or frost atronach, depending on the spell you buy
    Summon Zombie- raises a nearby weak dead body that will attack for you, the body then disperses into a pile of ash after the effect wears off. There are ranks of this spell with similar effect but effect stronger creatures.

    If I think of more, or see anymore in the world, I will post them.

  12. Chain Lightning - Pretty much exactly as you would expect.

  13. There are also:
    -cloaks (fire, frost, lightning)
    -candlelight(a small light orb that circles you)
    -magelight(an orb of light you can shoot)
    -calm(target stops attacking)
    -conjure familiar(summons a spirit wolf)*low majika cost so is good for any class

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  15. there are more spells I play skyrim their are spells like summon storm atronach

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