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Friday, 21 October 2011

Just adding some screens...

... Revealing your full-blown, naked... Skyrim fanatasy!
Most of these are screenshots of the GTTV footage, which I stole from another site that wrote on the "weapons," which I really don't care about TBH. There's also a screen I haven't seen before, but evidently it ain't new.


  1. Outdoor spider looks epic!

  2. Just sucks for people with arachnophobia. I like them, though.

  3. Hahah! It does alright!
    But I think most people have a little fear of them spiders, crawling on walls and running across the floor towards your bed when you have just woken up.
    Or sitting at your basement floor, just waiting to look at you with it's many eyes, and scare you to death while you run back up, and yell to your girlfriend: No, honey. We don't got any minced meat left! I think we need to go to the store!

    I am lucky to say that I have overcomed my fear of spider... to a certain degree! But they are still awfully creepy and I do not like to have them on me!!

    Kill them, kill them, kill them!

    - Mike

  4. ...And thus started the "Spider Extermination Squad."