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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

But I wanted to be a Lycan!!

I have hundreds of things that I'm excited about, when it comes to Skyrim and whilst Lycanthropy isn't exactly on the top of my priority list, I can't help but feel a little let down by the resent "spoiler" (notice quotations.) It just so happens that it was revealed that werewolves won't be a part of the initial release, disappointing many and motivating quite a lot of fans to post angry comments of Pete Hines' twitter wall - Luckily Pete Hines is bad ass and can take it; Hell, it's his job!

But yes, your concerns are not misplaced. but as always I'd like to emphasize one thing: DLC.
If you be patient and await the DLC, then I am sure we'll gain access to some lycanthropy goodness - It was always clear that the chances of getting werewolves in the initial release were slim, but now it's a matter of waiting, and since you'll be happily playing Skyrim in about 3-4 weeks, I'm sure time will pass for you easily!

Should they screw us over on the DLC, well then a riot and a series of petty mods is in order and tradition!

But hey! Whilst you wait, enjoy vampirism! (Not cool at all, I know.)


  1. well if theres goin be vampiers why wouldint there be Lycan's

  2. Good question Joshua.

    I am not totally sure. Surely they've seen the masses huddle up and cry out for lycanthropy during the entire year, so why wouldn't they listen?

    Maybe they didn't feel like it would add enough to the overall experience - Or maybe they've deliberately decided to save it for later for some reason.

  3. Well to be fair no TES game has had playable lycanthropy at launch since Daggerfall. I have a feeling they'll add it as a DLC/expansion though, because the creepy forests and snowing peaks of Skyrim just beg for the ability to howl at the moon as you prepare to terrorize the peasants of a village.