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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Post #200

When I saw that there, about a week ago, where 26 posts, I was like: "Yeah... I'm not gonna make it!" - But as I am writing, I currently am making it! That is right! I am writing my post number 200 and it feels like pure ecstasy!

This will be a quite subjective post, so read on your own peril, my friend. We will go over future plans and projects, a few shout outs and most importantly: Did you know that a penguin can dive up to 700 metres? Seriously!

Now, a little history.
I've always disliked forums! I found them dull and tasteless! But my love for Skyrim, lead me to the forum of GameSpot and totally dragged me in, like comical anecdotes draw in Seth MacFarlane. I craves the discussion of the game and eventually I became a quite progressive member of the forum - That is where Skyrim Coverage began.

It began with a list/post I made over 5/6 hours, entitled "Skyrim no Detail" on June 3rd, which was immensely appreciated, which made me decide to make a version 2.0 - I worked on it in a MS Office word document and quickly got bored.

I kept visiting the forum and noticed that a lot of people was falling behind on the info and I got tired of answering the same question over and over - Almost like grade school. So to make it a lot easier for everyone, I decided to make a website, serving as a database for all Skyrim info - Naturally, I didn't think I could handle the entire website on my own, so I asked people to join. None were interested.

I went ahead and made it, updating it frequently along the way, which you've all born witness to. I received fan mail from time to time, as well as a request to translate my work from an Ignacio, which was more than enough to keep me motivated - Also, I had coffee and a lack of social engagements.

It wasn't until the arrival of Mike, who was brave enough to venture the dusty realms of comment sections, that I saw a rise in this sites activity level - Which was one of the best things in the world. Thank you, Mike.

It wasn't long, then others came, including Brad T. - With his "Statues and limitations." Awesome!
There are others too, and I certainly appreciate all of you, but I'll pass on making a list.

Then we're at this point. Right now. I feel like I've created a community - But you know what? I'd be wrong. You have. You are the reason, that I even write. You have all been pieces to the puzzle of forming a wonderful online community, that we can all benefit from, including myself. Thank you.

Shout outs
I adore shout outs, and I wouldn't miss this glorious opportunity to do one.

First of all, a dragon shout out to a friend I made along the way, whom showed a lot of support - That's right, I saw that you always recommended my site on forums, you little rascal - Thanks, Luke. Or Leon Dragonheart, if you prefer.

Of course also a shout to Hijacked Apocalypse <--- They invited me to join, because... Well... Okay, I don't actually know, so would you mind telling me? Bring CAKE!!

A shout to T McS, who says he will be naming his dragon-slaying stealth warrior after me - It is a great honor, thank you.

Of course Mike! He's really the main reason for all this comment section activity, I believe.

For Brad, Who's right up there on the pedestal with Mike! Statues and Limitations, Brad; Statues and Limitations!

To Jace too! I like that guy! He has a cool name!

And who could forget my two most active facebook members: Chris Healy and Jethro Rule, ladies and gentlemen!

Finally, I'd like to commend Jamie Kelly, who didn't show up 'till late, but has shown great enthusiasm and an extreme willingness to assist me in finding information. Really impressive stuff.

Thank you to everyone.

Whilst I'll gladly admit that I've brought a lot of stuff to the table, sadly I must also admit that I made an error or two, no doubt given that I am new to this - I'd like to apologize for a few mistakes I've made.

First of all, I was too fast on the whole "were-yeti" thing, which was basically just crap. It said so in a Dutch magazine that I had a guy translate for me - evidently, it was all BS.

Second of all, it has occurred to me within October month, that my notion about the Altmer owning the Empire was wrong. I was told so early on and in my head, it has been fact the entire time. Recent sources shows that I was wrong - The Imperials are still in control, but it is merely another family (the Mede.)

Third of all, I've been a real ass at covering Falmer. Seriously. At first I mistake Thalmer for Falmer and then I mistake Falmer for Goblins.

My sincere apologies.

Skyrim Coverage - Post-release
I had been wondering what to do after the release of the game - I suppose no one needed it covered anymore and I am absolutely right. I decided to leave it dormant.

... Then it was suggested that I kept it going, informing on DLC news and made mod reviews, and that is exactly what I will do. The activity level will fall, sure, but I will still be lurking in the dark, waiting to review the next mod. I will also post it on facebook, when I make an update here, so feel free to join in there.

If there's anything else, feel free to ask - K'?

Future Projects
I've been loving this "hobby" and your "company" so much, that I decided to be a real go-getter and make my own talk-show about flying farm animals.
After that fails, here's what will succeed: VEC

VEC (Virtual Entertainment Central,) will be a freelance project, much like Skyrim Coverage was/is. It'll be a site, featuring news, details, mod reviews and all kinds of info on games and movies. It'll be the surpreme seat of our empi... community.

From there, I will link to several coverage sites, much like this one, which will be created as games are announced.

We (Yes, we) already have a server client in our sights. We've got me, a web designer, another writer and a WebComic artist for the site, and his comics are seriously hilarious! I'll add one to this post.
VEC will probably not be up and working probably until January, but I do have a request for all of you: If you've enjoyed this site, please stay tuned for VEC - If we get off to a good start with that site, then maybe we can expand and make an awesome community, where the administration is more in contact with the readers and their wishes.
Apart from that, I'll be running a new coverage site soon. I've already discovered, through cold and hard experience, that managing more than one at a time alone, is near impossible - But maybe it won't be, when it's not such a huge game as Skyrim.

Anyway, feel free to throw in some suggestions! Personally, I'm thinking Grand Theft Auto V.
Oh, and I'll definitely do Assassin's Creed III, which will be out in 2012 (Sort of an annual thing, no?)

That's it for now. In posting moment, there's currently 39 minutes left in my time zone until 11/11/11 - It's been a great ride. Thank you.


  1. When you said you were going to do mod reviews and dlcs and stuff, are you also going to do walkthroughs? Or how to get certain items? Oh, and I want to thank you for making this site. I literally checked it every five minutes to see if anything new was added. So, again, thank you.

  2. Your posts have been awesome McBraas! So what if you did an error or two, you are a gamer like the rest of us, eagerly waiting for this game to come out and you could really feel that from the way you write. Being eccentric is error-bound and thats totally okay ^^. Also your humor is nice x). Before this gets towards too much bro-love let me tell you this: This blogg has been updated many times a day to read about more skyrim stuff to quench this endless thirst. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this project and good luck with the game!
    *Dragonshouted a hole in the wall...*

    //Irradiant <--- A pending Skyrim addict.

  3. McBraas, I believe we all need to thank you, for making this wonderful site, full of amazing info. So thank you, like I've said before, I have learned so much more about Skyrim then I could of dreamed about. You've made this wait less difficult for me, by a long shot. So thank you McBraas, and I will certainly be coming back to check on things. =D Have fun slaying dragons my Dovahkiin brother. And congrats.

    - Jace

  4. McBraas I'v been reading this blog since it started but never commented before. Just wanted to thank you for helping me stave of the madness of having to wait 7 months for this day. So here is a long overdue thank you.

  5. I must congratulate you McBraas on a hobby/job/obsession well done! (we're all obsessed with skyrim though!)

    I've loved spending my time on this site! And I will keep doing it, and if I get my lazy ass to log into facebook again, I will join you there too!
    Thanks for keeping my up to date with everything this year!

    I will keep tuning in! And I do hope we'll keep chatting through this site, it's been and will still be alot of fun!

    But to not make a HUGE respond from myself I just say: HAPPY 11-11-11!

    I will collect my game between 9am - 11am. Depending on how many people who shows up.
    In my city there are no stores who will keep night open...
    I cannot wait! I have waited for so long!
    We all have, and this site have made it alot easier!
    Thanks McBraas! And I hope EVERYONE love an enjoy the newst installment of our FAVORITE game series of all time! (at least mine!)

    Good night and we'll talk soon!

    - Mike

  6. I got to say it, my ego can't rest easy tonight if I dont!

    I feel important! I saw my name four times in this post! Oooh yeah!

    - Mike

    ps. this is not me, it's just my ego. forgive him please :)

  7. Only 2nd time posting but this site has been my first call for the past few months when looking for information on skyrim to keep me going until 11-11-11.

    So thanks for all your effort it has been appreciated. I'll keep checking here for info on dlc and mods.

    It's nearly time......


  8. Thank you for all you've done. Also, thanks for the shout out to Hijacked Apocalypse. On behalf of me (Maverick77) and the rest of the guys, thanks you for your support on the forum, and I can't wait for VEC!!! Skyrim in 5 hours.....

  9. McBraas, I was a newcomer to your site within the last month or so, but you should know that I checked it EVERY day looking for updates. Your updates were always informative and witty. Thank you for all the hard work and good luck with your new ventures...I will definitely look in for updates.

    Now to you and everyone else, enjoy SKYRIM! I know I will!!!

  10. thank McBraas so much! I have read every single one of ur posts since july and have been loveing every single one of them loving coming home everyday from classes and looking uop the newest article. I will always look up anything new u do from now on (unless im playing skyrim) i greatly appreciate the work you have done for us and i grant u the best of wishes please contuine on ur work u are brillant at it and a natural, chisrmatic person.

  11. p.s
    oh and i will deffinatly try out batman (u have great taste in games)

  12. Seriously your great and the way you write is magical it keeps my attention on stuff I don't have really any interest. Great Job and the wait is finally over and you made it waaaay faster


  13. Dear McBraas, I have read every one of your posts on the site, you are awesome man... Thank you so much for keepin us informed, and quenching our never ending thirst for knowledge. Alas 2 FUCKIN HOURS~!

  14. Been checking this site every morning and night since pretty much it's inception, but alas, I must bid adieu, for there are rumours of dragon sightings in Skyrim, and I must undertake a great and perilous journey to cross the Jerall mountains to help purge this threat from the wonderful land of Tamriel.

  15. OMFG! Its midnight that means its finally 11/11/11! WOOT! Love your site, always have! Sorry for gushing but come on your like god of Skyrim info so I have the right to gush. HA! Well (takes deep breath) I so happy for you and must thank you for if it wasn't for your site I prob have gone insane...wait I was already crazy before hearing about Skyrim. Thats true really it is I'm like in wow every day in how my mom or dad hasn't try to send me away to the crazy house yet. Oh BTW my a girl if your wondering why I telling you this its because my friend asked why I go by Sin (she thinking you think I'm a guy)no I go by Sin cause I'm a big dirty sin. (not dirty like whore dirty...haha I said dirty) Anyways looking forword for whatever of your is coming up. Well got to go kitten sleeping on my back...checking site out later.


  16. well thank you for all the hard work.i am new here because i found youre sight last week.thank you for all youre hard work.

    john of the antartic

  17. 11 FUCKIN 11 IS HEAR

  18. Hey Braas. First of all let me say thank you for writing this huge blog that has every single bit of information for Skyrim that was always reliable and also fun to read!

    I am only too glad to show others this site as it allowed them to catch up on everything Skyrim related and to show appreciation to all your hard work.

    So from the bottom of my heart and from everyones on here. Thank you McBraas!

    P.S: And reason I invited you to HijackedApocalypse is so we can basically gather information together and give you tips to the next big game to cover!

    Anyway Thanks once more man for the shoutout :D

  19. You forgot to give me a shout out
    -xoxo gossip girl

  20. thanks so much McBraas, for your dedication. This kept me entertained when i was looking for things on the net and couldn't find much.
    So i was brought here and glad of it. :)
    Looking forward to more, even though the mod aspect doesn't apply to me.

  21. fwiw, I think you have two Brad's roving the comments. I am not the statue and limitations guy, but I did comment pretty consistently here towards the end and I read for months. I'm also the Brad who said he isn't getting the game right away because of NaNoWriMo and new work, so he would stop coming to avoid spoilers (I'm back?).


    Brad (not T)

  22. Oh other Brad, thank you for clarifying! I would have given your S.S. to the (Dark) brotherhood. Also i would have been the one to fulfill that contract, seeing as i am the Listener! Haha just kidding. Thanks for the shout out McBraas, i have very much enjoyed your blog and will continue to do so! Also im a werewolf (in Skyrim, of course!) but i'd really like to know, who is with werewolves and whos with vampires? This could be your next poll. Just a thought!

    Brad (the originally awesome T)

  23. @ #1
    I hadn't thought of making walkthroughs - How would that work? What am I to write?

    I guess I could throw in some strategy.
    But thanks.

    @ #2 Irridiant
    Thank you so much! Errors can be lethal, so I'll try to be more careful from now on.

    @ #3 Jace
    The pleasure has been all mine. This rose to a greater success than ever imagined.

    @ #4 Kaleely
    You're very, very welcome.

    @ #5 and #6 Mike
    It's been great to have you as a reader. You were the first to start commenting. Thank you. You deserve honorable mentions.

    @ #7 John
    Good to hear that you'll keep coming back.

    @ #8 Maverick
    You shall be my guests'o'honor once VEC is open.

    @ #9
    Informative and witty, huh? Good! That's kind of the vibe I am going for.

    Well, that and cynical violence of course.

    @ #10 and #11 Lochlan
    Wow, that was some rather impressive complimenting! I appreciate it and am gla dyou enjoy my writing.

    And yes, I do have great taste in gaming, don't I? Nanananananananananana BATMAN!!

    @ #12 Scott
    That what SHE said! *SNAP*

    @ #13 Chris
    It's cool - I like quenching first. Thanks!

    @ #14
    May your travels be exciting and may the nine divines bring you home safely!

    @ #15 Sin
    I'm glad to have been of use.

    BTW, you're not a girl. The internet rules clearly state that there are no girls on the internet. Sorry.

    @ #16 John of the Antarctic
    Too bad you didn't join us sooner!

    @ #17
    But there are three 11's! So it's "11 fucking 11 fucking 11 is here!"

    @ #18 Leon Dragonheart
    Always appreciate to hear from you, Luke.

    @ #19 Gossip Girl
    I told you that I didn't want to make a list.
    But here you go: A Shoutout to the gossip girl, for always sending hugs and kisses!

    @ #20 Danielle
    What a shame. I still hope that you will stick around though.

    @ #21 & #22 Brad
    There can only be one - Soon you will know...

  24. Thanks McB! I just read your entire blog last week, in a few days, because the last few days before 11/11/11 were the hardest. I had fun reading every article and texting brief recaps to my friend while at work. I seriously didn't see Werewolves coming at all! (Only started with Oblivion)

    Anyways, thanks! Sorry I never commented until now. And it's always great to keep in mind that your readership probably extends a much greater reach than just the commenters! :)

  25. @ Zack
    Good to see you joining in on our sausage fes... Our... "Club," Zack. I'm glad that you like my site.

    You're right - I have more readers. Probably.