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Which was the first Elder Scrolls game you played?

Monday, 14 November 2011

McBraas: Off to Skyrim, back again! (Not by choice)

I came home from school Friday and had a few hours to play before the arrival of my girlfriend (which is SO relevant later in this story.)

After completing the (awesome) intro, featuring our friendly neighborhood Alduin in the spotlight, I emerged from the tutorialistic cave and I had only one thing running through my mind: Find a spoon!

In spite of my rock-hard decision about not gong to Riverwood, I eventually ended up there anyway and spent nearly an hour before I left, further proving that this game is fricken huge. I found myself overwhelmed with the amount of options I had and so I felt I had no choice but to go Bleak Falls Barrow, in spite of my even harder rock-hard decision not to, but not before replacing my desired spoon with a ladle. 'Tis only a temporary substitute - I will find you, spoon!

I went through Bleak Falls and quickly realized that the footage we've seen of it trough the last couple of months, were only like half of the content in there. I also realized that combat is a lot more fun, especially since the characters move a lot more realistically and that stagger not only affects our character, but also the camera angle - it fricken shakes! Awesome!

As I eventually came upon the last chamber, I eagerly awaited a Dragon Priest to come and combat me, but I was welcomed only by a Draugr which was slightly more hardcore than the rest - I was disappointed, but since then, I have learned to happily welcome the absence of Dragon Priests.

I grabbed all the treasure, headed back to Riverwood, turned in the claw and sold all of my crap, and then I was off to Whiterun, which since then have been my central hub - I've barely spent time in any other cities than Whiterun and Markath.

After a few quests, involving killing my first dragon, I found the Lunar Forge and then my girlfriend came -  invited her to try it out - After spending 10 minutes learning how to walk, she went to a camp'o'giants and... Well, died.

That was the first 3-4 hours. The beginning of my very long weekend.


  1. You Think that's bad I was playing for like half a day then my power went out I hadn't saved:/

  2. I sense that a post on this topic is in order,

  3. McBraas I can relate to your first encounters in so many ways! Also i fought myself not to visit Riverwood off the bat but after taking a dip in a nice stream and going through some rapids and some waterfalls I found myself there! Bleak Falls Barrow? Told myself I wouldn't do it til later but what do you know, it was hard to resist! I've also made Whiterun my central hub and bought a nice house to horde my goods there. I've spent 45 hrs since the midnight release in Skyrim and it still feels unexplored! Level 24! Loving the Magic and the Bow! Have you started the Companions questline yet! ;)...Want a fun one? Get drunk in Windhelm! Jensene! I will remember you till the end of time!

  4. Nah, I decided to wait with the companions - I haven't even been into their hall. Eventually I will do it, though - It's the only guild that fits my character.

    Get drunk in Windhelm, eh?
    I got drunk in Markath and eventually ended up with a... Lets call it a "Daedric encounter resulting in the acquirement of a very specific item."

    It might be the same as your encounter, due to the whole "Radiant Story" thing. Cna you relate?

  5. Really? That's too funny! I got drunk in Windhelm and ended know what, its to funny to spoil! No encounter of the daedric variety i don't think! I've yet to complete it, but its about a staff!


  6. Oh well... Then it's the same. Radiant story is awesome.

  7. Where did u end up initially after Markarth? Because that where I woke up!

  8. McBraas: Thanks for telling everyone how lame I am at Skyrim! Maybe they'll learn from my mistakes and maybe you should teach me how to play.
    On the other hand, thanks for not telling about, the other mistakes I made, during the 10 minutes I played.

    Btw. I am honored!

    - Yours truly

  9. @ Anonymous
    I ended up at the Shrine of Dibella. Same city.

    @ Maja
    Aww - You read my posts <3
    After ragging on the game so much, I figured you didn't want to.

    This is going to look so wrong.

  10. I feel sad that I can only play this on weekends now.

  11. Mads: I Only rag on the game, because you love it so much. Teach me, I'll me fun :-)

  12. Yup same quest! just finished it yesterday took me a bit those damned necromancers! This goes to show the intricate capabilities of the radiant story! At least you ended up in the same city! I woke up on the complete opposite end of the map! The story makes more sense from Windhelm though if you think about it!


  13. Hmmm ... Am I late?
    Oh well, i guess I feel like most of you! ;)

    Love the game, but I havn't had the time I wanted to use. I work alot besides school, and I tend to come home and fall asleep on the couch after a couple of minutes. I'm out of the house 6 o'clock in the morning sometimes! And there are very rare moments that I'm actually home before 23:30...

    But I made myself a nord - with sword and sheild, and ofc a bow!
    Deleted him when I got to lvl 16, I hated his face...
    So I made a new one, he's kind of cool. And I killed my first dragon for the sencond time. And I've done some exploring around Riverwood, as well as some of the plains around Whiterun.
    I made it to the greybeards at the first character, not there yet with my 2nd. But I will get there eventually.

    This game is freaking huge, and I love it! And I even got my girlfriend to play it too!(^^,)
    She loves it, maybe not as much as I do.. but she really likes it! :)
    And she's good too!! ^^ Even though she tend to get a little angry if she dies a couple of times..

    I've noticed that Vampire Masters are HARD to kill! ><
    Any suggestions on weaknesses?

    And sorry for my abbsence Braas! I promised to keep tuning in, but I've got alot on my plate these days.
    I will read the nest posts by tomorrow I guess!
    Nice to see you back on here, even though I cannot understand how you can write this, when you can play it! :o
    But thanks!

    And yea, by the way! Saving is VERY imporant! F5 (quicksave) for the wind! :D

    - Mike

  14. damn! that was alot of writing ... O______o

    - mike

  15. I've found 2 "spoons" so far. Both are FAR better than a silly old ladle. Without spoilers, 1 can be found in a curious location in Windhelm and the other through a unorganized wizard.