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Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I love goblins! They're always an easy solution to a lack of momentary creativity - Along with kobolds, of course - Small humanoid creatures, whose nature or motives are never questioned, but merely serves as arrow-bait and cannon fodder (Whichever you prefer.)

I've been tediously curious as to why we didn't get any info on goblins in Skyrim and came to the conclusion that they had either excluded them (I know, God forbid it,) or merely thought that they seemed as common as dirty politicians, that they needn't be mentioned for us to know that they are there.

Luckily enough (for these innocent puppies in my possession), it seems that the latter option was correct and I do get my walking targets with sticks of steel. Oh, and BTW, they're cooler than they were in Oblivion! Huzzah!!

Yeah, it might be a Falmer


  1. Braas, what is your profession?!

  2. My profession..? Being awesome, I guess!!!

    Nah, in all seriousness, I don't have one.

  3. Actually mate I think these are the falmer, I saw a pic of one in full armour here:

    and it looks the same minus the armour

  4. Oh my... They are more wicked than goblins.
    Goblins are more like "I will dig in this mine, and eat rats. Oh! Human! Kill it! put it in our wodden cage! Me happy! :D Me angry! >:( "

    Kind of uhm... well, not one of the brigthest creatures...

    But these "Falmers" is aiming for world domination!!! Oh god! I miss the foul smelling goblins!

    They are like goblins in that they live underground and they are small... but they seem to be a little more intelligent!
    I will remove them from the face of the earth! And then underneath it!

    - Mike

  5. Ooooooh, Mike. Why do I have the feeling we'd get along? So are you a student then, Braas?

  6. Yeah, I'm a student - A patron of those hallowed halls of learning.