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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Storm Atronachs!

I've been asking around about these! I love Atronachs and we've already seen the gorgeous fire atronachs, scorching us with their fiery hotness - And also the brute ice atronachs, bashing us around more than Bane did Batman at their first encounter.

Finally, the trio is complete and I can rest (as if.) With the little picture of a Storm atronach, which I have so neatly acquired (stolen,) I can happily conclude that they all make it and making a slave of each kind of them will be my foremost priority, after acquiring a spoon, of course.


  1. @Braas really awsome post (like all of the others) BTW srry if its already been asked but wats ur gamertag??

  2. dude you are the god of FRIKEN AWESOME ive been on this games since july when i first found this website man thanks bro

  3. I saw that "picture" of yours in one of the new "trailers".
    And I really wanted them all in the game, all three of them.
    But to my own suprise while beeing totaly swept away with the trailer it kind of took another turn when that little part showed up with the Storm Astonach...
    Instead of going "Yeah! They're all there! And they look awesome!"
    I went, "Oh! Now McBraas can finaly take it easy. He will most likely tell us this in one of the next posts!"
    And this is no lie, so it was kind of weird to go to the site and see this now!
    Yet, I am not suprised though. Just find it funny that, that was my reaction and that I knew that it would be mentioned by you Braas x)

    - Mike

  4. @ Jake
    My Xbox Live gamertag is "Overlord Braas" - Feel free to add me, if you'd like.

    @ Trusty reader
    Thank you, handsome stranger! I appreciate your kind words!

    @ Mike
    That you know me well enough to predict my movement, could be a problem for me, should we enter a post-apocalyptic wasteland and lead two opposing factions.

    Apart from that, it's rather charming.

  5. Wow ive never been friends with a famous person bfore lol

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  7. Crack is fake, asks you to fill out a survey

  8. @ Jake
    Yeah, I hear you usually have to pay for that.

    @ Crack-guy
    Cracking Skyrim is not acceptable. It is filth!

    @ Prophet
    Wise words

  9. TONIGHTS GONNA BE A GOOD NIGHT. in my oppinion a terrible song but in this context makes a lot of sense