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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The baby is kicking

Can you feel it? I sure can! It'll be here soon! It's kicking and screaming to come out and join us! I can feel it and I KNOW that you can feel it too! It just feels so good! I am of course talking about Skyrim, which will be released 2½ days, should we choose to ignore certain places like, say, Australia - which we will.

The reason for this sudden outbreak on my part is this:
The Order confirmation that I received few hours ago. I think it's about time that we get this game and so does Bethesda, I'm sure.

A goal of mine is to reach 200 posts before 11/11/11 is over, which gives me about 3 days, which are quite occupied, so it's going to be a badass ambition!

Oh, and this post counts as well.
(only 8 left - yeah)



  1. Nice! I know you can do it! ;)
    And I cannot wait myself... But it's kind of sad that my computer ain't up for running this game as it should be running...
    But I will change that in about 2 months I guess...

    I think the first thing I'll do is "put in the disc in, install - while installing I will start up the "how it was made" dvd!
    And will lose myself through the whole movie! Then I will start my epic adventure!

    - Mike

  2. I just have to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed this website. You have made waiting for this game bearable to say the least. Great job, and keep up the good work! Good luck on 200!

  3. McBraas, you are legend. What I would love to see is (2) posts - 1 on what character you intend playing, and how you will be playing them and (2) a post on how viable you think it will be to ignore the main quest and geographically limit your game. I am really hoping that a Mage character playing in and around winter hold will let me limit my game exploration. My next character to be a thief taking on missions in and around the thieves guild location etc. only for my third character do I intend pursuing the main quest - what's your opinion is rs viable?

  4. You can do it McBraas!!

    Just make sure there still good post's..(No Presure..)


  5. Wow! Thank you for all of your support! I'll do my best!

  6. An Enraged Aussie8 November 2011 at 20:18

    I live in Australia you son of a bitch, and I've done nothing but love this website. Go to hell!

  7. Calm down, An Enraged Aussie - 'Twas only a jest.

  8. @Aussie, dude, you say you love this site, yet you don't know that was just a joke? Wow, you must be like five. Skyrim is rated "M". So if you can't handle a small joke like that, then I don't think you are mature enough to play that game. Have you noticed McBraas has made alot of jokes on this site? It makes his posts more entertaining. And really? Was that even that bad? It isn't like he said "Death to Australia" or anything, like most people say about America.

    P.S. I'm American, and when people talk bad about it, or make small jokes, hell even say "Death to America" it does not offend me. Because most of the time it's all talk.

    - Jace

  9. I am naming my dragon slaying stealth warrior McBraas.

    ~T McS

  10. New to the site yesterday! Through my extensive rummaging on the web can you believe I only stumbled upon this site just days before release! Oh how much easier would my struggles have been if i'd only find this sooner! Oh well here now! Better late than never! Anyways,I know this is of topic but the skills post was back in Oct. and there were no comments placed so I decided to respond to the most recent entry. I'm in deep distress trying to create my character before release. Thanks to those that have posted the skill trees I will be able to save precious hours of game time come Friday by having my character skill focus pre-determined! Its a lot tougher than I expected because I want all the perks but its impossible. Especially if you don't want to spread yourself to thin. I've spent many an hour pondering over this predicament and must say I'm getting close! Just so that I don't spoil anything for anyone I will not post any details unless otherwise asked and will be sure to warn of spoils if such a request becomes eminent. I'm leaning towards a sneaky battle mage called the whisperer. Anyone else put any thought into there character?

  11. Yeah I was thinking of going hardcore mellee but still get up range (because otherwise dragons will own me and that will make me cry.<well for first play through.
    Also Aussie I'm Aussie and all wanted to say was......Aussie Aussie aussie oi oi oi
    -bogan Bruce:)
    Ps my character will be called Hades;)

  12. err... you realize Australia has the same release date as everyone else right???

  13. ^
    You're not taking into account our 1337 time travel skills.

  14. mmm yes! Hell itself! My most prominent oblivion character I named Hephaestus, I don't know why! That name would be more appropriate for Skyrim now that I think about it because Smithing is a skill and Hephaestus worked wonders with metals.

  15. Pre-ordered the Collectors edition a few weeks back. They said a midnight release could happen! Find out yesterday that its not. Through my daily rummaging I find another store near by that is opening at midnight but has no collectors editions left to pre-order (obviously). Do i wait til friday 9 am for the not 100% guaranteed collectors edition? Or do I just get a copy of the game tomorrow night! I am torn! NEED ADVISE!!!

  16. Not yet Dispatched :(

  17. You've waited this long, what's a few more hours? Most of those hours you should be asleep anyways. I wouldn't waste any more money on something (unless you plan on stopping the CE Pre-order). That said...I'm going to the midnight release.

  18. @ T McS
    Wow, thank you! You humble me! It's a great honor!

    @ New guy
    Yeah, sorry - I suck at advertising. This is not my last or only project, so you can stay tuned if you want.

    @ Bogan Bruce
    No doubt named after your second personality!
    ... Or maybe just the dude from Greece mythology.

    @ Guy with release date. It's a matter of hours. There's this thing called time zones.

  19. @ Guy who is torn
    I don't know what you should do, but maybe this will help:

    @ Guy before Michael
    Mine is >:)

    @ Michael
    Sleep? SLEEP?! WE DON'T SLEEP!!!
    I've had too much coffee.

  20. I would be stopping the CE pre-order, yes. And your right whats a few more hours. Nine long, agonizing, sleepless hours! Mainly, I want the art book and maybe the DVD I get a map with the pre-order regardless. Oh what a choice!

  21. You want a choice? How about the red pill... Or the blue pill?

  22. Damn... I feel like Skyrim is gonna be the bioluminescent gold, silver, and rainbow pill!