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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Thane (Not Mass Effect!)

I was seriously miffed when I found out that penguins can't fly.

Do you remember buying houses in Oblivion? I remember that the cheapest house you could buy, was a crappy shack on the Imperial Waterfront. I also remember that the best you could buy, was a big house in Skingrad, which you could supplement with a maid - Rawr.

To skip straight to where I wanna go to: We're getting an upgrade! We can become Thanes! Huzzah!
Thanes are kind of representatives of the supreme power (say king, for example) and they own land - And not just a sweet abode, but it can also be that of towns and fields, which is why I hope that we'll be place in such a position, that we can demand taxes! And maybe cookies!

Thanes' homes are usually (not Skyrim, just historically) big and "noble-like" and sometimes even a fort or a small castle. That said, we can also own smaller homes, so worry not, if you wish not become a big, fancy overlord, you do not have to.

The concept of Thane is always hard to perceive in modern times, since they are rarely portrayed in a historically correct sense - They are most often portrayed as nobles (which in a way they are.... It's hard to... Ah, screw it!)



  1. i sure hope with this title well have the option of managing an area! like constructing buildings,hiring and training guards, managing farms and livstock and much and more political and economony options!!! :D ....probally not but dream big right? :)

  2. is anything like owning land outside cities confirmed? also how many post left to 200 :)

    Juan carlos

  3. LOL my bro got his copy of skyrim today, hahaha Australia released it a day early, had it midday on the 10/11/11..... but cant activate it on steam till tomorrow HAHA

  4. @ # 1
    Probably. One can hope - I know I do.

    @ Juan Carlos
    Not confirmed, but it should kinda come with the title. Again - It's a tricky topic.

    I am only 3 posts away.