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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Let's go over those dragons, just one more time!

I consider myself a provider. I give the people what they want! Which is why we're gonna cover this one last time before release, which is 6 days from now.  I'll try to keep it tight and simple. If I leave anything out, or you have a question, please comment.

What can I say.

Dragons have awakened, after hundreds of years and they are out to kill and destroy everything, with the lead of Alduin the World-Eater, a huge badass dragon. It would appear that the dragon race actually went extinct, but Alduin has flown around and resurrected all of them - This is were we, Dovahkiin, come in! When the Dovahkiin absorbs the soul of a dragon, it destroys its "very essence" and makes it non-resurrectable. Or at least that's what I've heard (through the grapevine - Snap!)

The dragons in Skyrim will, I guess, appear dynamic (although 100% dynamic is impossible.) You'll be able to spot them out in the distance and plan your route as to run into it, or avoid it - Sometimes it just shows up and you have to fight or run away. They have several different behaviours, which can be used depending on the environment - From there it just chooses a random, possible one, which makes it almost impossible to have the same fight twice. Once you've damaged them enough, they'll crash or land.

When you kill a dragon, you will automatically absorb its soul and leave only the bones as remnants of a once magnificent creature - Asshole! You'll be able to grab their bones, if you're feeling especially violating. Also, if you've maxed out your smithing skill, you can use their bones to make cool dragonbone armor, which my avatar on Xbox Live will soon be wearing!

So how often do these dragons show up? It's simple really, - Even Chubby Steve could understand this. As you progress trough the main quest, they're going to become more and more common, and the more powerful races will show up to bust our chops!
Friendly Neighbourhood Alduin
Now what types of dragons  are there again? Well there, are 6 main types of Dragons, and beyond that there are a couple of unique ones too. The 6 main types include (Or at least we think this is correct, but it might not be:)
- Red dragon (I don't remember what they're called, but it ain't red)
- Bronze dragon
- Frost Dragon
- Black dragon (Jill)
- Green, reptile dragon
- White dragon

Great. Then I was asked, which are more powerful - I'm actually not sure, but I'll tell you what I know, beyond that eating yellow snow is bad. Bronze dragons are the easiest, for sure. The frost dragon is more powerful than the red one. The green, reptile-like dragon is one of the more powerful ones. The Black Dragon is probably the most powerful one, being a part of Alduin's faithful servants.

Now that we're on Alduin, let's talk unique dragons.
So far we only know of two: Alduin and Blabla (I don't actually know the name, so Blabla will substitute.) 

Alduin we already know is the main antagonist and he must be brought to an end! Like cheese wheels; I totally hate those.

But Blabla, on the other hand, is our ally, our friend! As some point during the main quest, we're gonna hook up with... We're gonna befriend him and we can use a dragon shout to call him to our aid and if that is not cool, I don't know what is. Except Michael Caine, he's pretty cool.

There are more than these two, but I don't know them all that well... Didn't come to my tea party. Assholes.

Last part: After the main quest, will the dragons disappear permanently? Well, as far as I've heard: fuck no!!! It would be stupid, but I'd imagine that they'd be a bit more rare, so we're not up to our asses in them. Yet, I'm not sure, but I believe in Bethesda to make the right decisions and I haven't heard otherwise, so...

... Yeah!


  1. good post McBraas

  2. Great post/s i love reading these you are amazing (ok enough ass kissing) I have an off topic question...i know magic does not have kill animations but do you by chance know if bound weapons will have them?

  3. I'm pretty sure the first dragon you fight is part of the story is "Miruminlr" or something like that.

  4. @ #1
    Thank you very much!

    @ #2
    Thanks, but please, no kissing. My dog will... My girlfriend will get jealous.

    Yes, bound weapons will have kill animations.

    @ #3
    Miruminlr, or whatever he's called, is a bronze dragon, so he's not really that unique. That's why I didn't mention him.

  5. If my Elder Scrolls lore serves me correct, the dragons were not extinct in the world of Nirn and still existed in great numbers in Akavir, with the red dragons serving the Tsaesci and the black dragons serving the Ka Po' Tun. But, of course, in Tamriel it is a different story. Also, things could have changed in the 200+-year time-skip.


  6. aaaaaaawh! Nooooooo! (with a very british acsent!)

    If this is the last post, it'll make me cry. These posts are like bedtime stories to me, you can't do this!
    You really cannot take this away from me, NEVER.. well actually you can...

    But srsly, have you considered the tip a few months ago, for using this site as a place for questions and answers.
    Maybe recommended mods and the like?
    I know you replied to that person who asked, and you would think about it.
    Have you reached a conclusion?
    Have you written the contract with youself?
    Have you decided that you want to dedicate even more time, after covering this game for alsmost a year, and still put up posts?

    Heheh, only joking... well... no, not really.
    It would be fun to know, then I will keep haning around here! :)

    If not, I can understand this!
    Anyways, you made waiting for Skyrim easier to me, by entertaining with good written information, that actually was entertaining to read!

    - Mike

    ps. "provider", really? You know TES is like a drug to many, and you "provide" information about the game is like providing drugs to addicts... Am I an addict!? That makes you a drugdealer!

  7. @Mike

    I Think he meant this will be the last time covering Dragons.


  8. Yeah... Uh... Mike - Ivan is right. 'Twas the last post on dragons, not overall. I'll keep writing.

  9. Well McBraas, you have passionate readers lol, that's for sure.

  10. whats youre gamer tag McBraas

  11. @Danielle, Mcbraas is the reason we are so passionate, he knows how to get us pumped! I So can't wait for another 3 days and 19 hours. Anyway, good post Mcbraas, like always though. Every post on here is amazing, and Beth should hire you for stuff like this.

    - Jace

  12. @ Danielle
    I do indeed, and I am quite fond of them.

    @ Anonymous
    My Xbox Live gamertag is: Overlord Braas. Feel free to add me.

    @ Jace
    Thanks a lot Jace! You all keep me pumped as well.

  13. oh well, guess I'm happy now!

    - Mike

  14. Call of Duty: World at War has been ruined! :'(. The only CoD I actually enjoyed.
    @!$#ing hackers!

  15. @ Chris

    That's too baf I guess...
    But srsly mate... This is all about Skyrim, last time I checked.
    I think many of us enjoy many other games but do you really have to take this fuzz up with the people who are on this blog, who are only waiting for Skyrim?

    And it's out on FRIDAY! :) *Happy-dance*
    (no, really I do dance from time to time!)

    Oh well... At least I don't give a jack about CoD.
    I'm more of a Battlefield fan, anyway *troll-face* !

    - Mike

  16. "baf" is a word for "BAD".
    Just look it up in the diconary! :D

    - Mike

  17. To bring us back on topic here, but I will take the path of complaining myself!
    As I go through many websites who write about Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls in general, I want to pull my hair out!
    At one of these sites I see a stupid ass fool who think he "knows" abit about TES. And he tells us what he expect from the game and "blah blah balh!"

    Here is a line that made me go (O___________o')

    "This was quite an interesting feature that was announced awhile back. People will love or hate you depending on your actions."

    And he think this is something "new" to TES in Skyrim! And Skyrim got this idea from "FABLE 1".

    This guy don't know how to even write or do research on games!
    These kind of people should eigther be fierd, or actually talk about a game they "like" or "actually understands and have PLAYED IT THROUGH!"
    In Olivion you had to have "more fame" for somethings and in some cases you needed to get more "infame" (eks. orcs at the shrine in the jerral mountains, I think.)

    He also mentions that the leveling system in Oblivion suked, which it kind of did.
    And he "hope that this time around it will be better, we will see"
    But we've seen UP-CLOSE how the new system works. And you know what? It actually looks pretty damn decent.

    He boumces back and forth to much... Oh dear my eyes are bleeding!

    "I really want factions in this game"
    Srsly? You havn't got that info yet? oh dear me..

    And for an ending from the site:

    - Every Monday Ember crawls from his cave to come and deliver his opinion to you the readers. His grumpy Monday attitude fuels the fire that burns onto the screen to form the weekly article: Burning Embers.

    Eeeerrr... yes ... his opinion.. you got that right! Interesting? no.
    fun to read? Not on my life!
    Informative? Yes! if you have been living under a moss covered rock for like 11 months!! so then I will say "NO!"

    so... that's my "complaint" for today! :)

    Enjoy this rather... well .. enjoy the "article"

    so glad I found blogspot early on.
    Damn, I've been spared from so much stupidity!

    - Mike

    ps. How often did your eye "allmost" bleed from reading crappy articles?

  18. And yet another comment from me - offtopic ofcourse, since that's what we like to do on this post! :D

    When I watched this moive it made me both angry and ... yeah well.. I laughed a little bit? :o

    See for youself... It's a must!(it's about a pirate copy of Skyrim!) I mean it.

    - Mike

  19. I found the article a little bit too dull to read.
    The video was just weird.

  20. Mike drank too much coffee today. =) Anyways, Thanks for the blog Braas you have definitely created a wonderful library of Skyrim! I can't help but come here every day just to make sure I'm not missing out on any of your posts! Cheers!

    ~T. McScruples

  21. in the making of skyrim video does anybody know what the big blue portal looking thing is around 1:26?

  22. @ McScruples
    Mike tends to be a little hyped. I'd like to believe that we could all stand to be a little more like him.

    But, hey! Thanks for the kind words! Man!

    @ Anonymous
    I was more fascinated by the shrine at 1:36
    It looks like this game will be filled with way more epicness that Oblivion!