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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Werewolves - I'm pretty positive.

I usually love spoilers, but I do have a limit! But since I was running this "coverage" site, I pushed it further and further, so that I would stay informed - Yet, the limit is still as alive, although it has the strength of Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. I've been following the werewolf case closely, but Piglet has kept me from watching streams to back up my following statement: I trust completely that werewolves are in the game.

I will not go all spoiler on your ass, right before release, so I won't be writing about Sinding ( a werewolf of which we have pictures,) nor will I write about where to find other werewolves or how to become one yourself. Instead I will tease you with the fact that I now know and that you'll just have to wait; Point my nose to the sky and laugh like a proper gentleman.

I merely wish to tell you that you shouldn't worry, be troubled or be disappointed about werewolves not being in the game, or the missing ability to become one -it must be lies! I have no proof. I have no undeniable, court-worthy evidence for you. You just have to know that I don't doubt it - And then take it for whatever it means to you.

For those who wanted to know: Werwolves do have a "transform animation" - They don't just go 'poof' and become a werewolf.


  1. I'm pretty convinced after accidentally walking into a couple spoilers on the forums now too.

  2. Seriously, I could have taken a baseball bat to the guy who posted the spoiler without proper warning. People, do not go looking for information on werewolves; you will only find your own despair. Trust us unfortunate ones when we say that there are werewolves in the game, and that you will probably find them without too much trouble.

  3. Don't worry, Adam - On future sites I will make sure that the rules clearly state: "Spoilers require proper warning!" - It's my bad for not doing anything about that.

    Actually we don't have any rules here. Except that for each post written, I require the left eyeball of an unborn child - Or a pudding pop.

  4. So McBraas, only 10 more posts to get to the magic 200. Gonna make us all proud and match that up with the skyrim release date?

  5. I'm going to do my best, but as of now, I am being metaphorically raped from every side, so if I make it, it's gonna be tight (pun not intended.)

  6. If not it won't be metaphorical, I don't enjoy disappointment...

  7. No, your site was fine. The problem was when I clicked over and went to find the source. The source didn't spoiler alert properly. Actually, after the initial post, most of the following posts were people foaming at the mouth about the spoiler.

  8. WOOT! Thank you kind sir. For your post is now set in stone. (hehe stone) What I mean by what I just said was your post, your very words on this matter has settled my mind on what race I plan to be. BTW its Dark Elf. So i must thank you...oh and hope you get to 200.


  9. They are in there 100%
    The Companions are affiliated with the werewolves.

    (Oh yeah, and the Daedric lords walk in Skyrim. You get to meet Sheogorath and Sanguine, from what i have seen in the livestreams.)