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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Click again to confirm!

I was asked by one of the gossip girls to make a list on things that has/hasn't been confirmed, and since I was asked with hugs and kisses, I dared not reject the idea. This will be with short "yes" / "no" replies to each topic, possibly with a short description. Everything is just off the top of my head, so here we go:

There are several types of fish

You can become a werewolf
Not confirmed by Bethesda, but yeah

You can become the leader of every guild
Not confirmed - But we can definitely become leaders of some.

You can become a Thane
Yes - Post pending on this one, guys.

You can become a vampire and be a werewolf at the same time
Not confirmed. I wouldn't count on it, but then again: It's Bethesda.

There are collectibles (Like Fallout Bobheads)
I've asked Pete, but he didn't reply. I think Twitter might be broken... Either that, or I don't know how to use it.

Skyrim will be better than sex

You can ride a dragon
I don't get why people are still asking about this: no!

There are Dwemer
There are Dwemer ruins and Centurions - The Dwemer are still gone! GONE I SAY!

You can summon Alduin after completing the game
Not confirmed! And it is stupid! Why would you wanna be friends with he primary antagonist? That's like Goku being friends with Vege... That's like Naruto being friends with Sasu...

Now here's the carefully planned solution to a very short post, which was in no way thought out in the spur of the moment: Comment with short rumors, and I shall answer.

This is the ONE post where you are not allowed to comment in any other way than mentioning rumors and if you do: "Shame on you" - Mary Poppins


  1. Umbra makes an appearance in the game

  2. powdered deer penis

  3. Building construction

  4. vampire clans ???????

  5. @ Umbra
    Not confirmed

    @ Powdered Deer Penis
    I'm sorry, no. I suggest making it at home.

    @ Building Construction
    Care to elaborate, Chris?

    @ Vampire Clans
    I've heard that there might be one - Unconfirmed though.

  6. Necromancy is not banned from the one half of the splitted "mage's guild".
    And therefore, necromancers are free to practice their dark arts. But most people dislike this and/or fear it.

    - Mike...

    ps. Hey! A rumor must start somewhere! And it does not have to be formulated perfectly!

  7. If you become a werewolf, does it come only at night? Or an activated ability? And if so, how many times per day can you use it?

  8. Vampires having excess to some sort of flight? gliding...and what have you.

  9. Got my guide book today. Being a werewolf AND a vampire cannot be done. Becoming one cancels the other. You can contract vampirism more than once, but Lycanthropy is a one time thing. Once its cured its cured for good. Vampirism is similar to Oblivion but with more spells and the like. Lycanthropy is a once a day power. You use it and you become a werewolf for 2:30 mins. You can feed on bodies to increase this time by 30 seconds per body. So there you go...

  10. @ Necromancy banned
    I can only assume so, Mike.

    @ Vampires can fly/glide/float

    @ Dovahkiin
    You are awesome. Thank you.

  11. I was lucky enough to have firsthand experience with this game.


    "There are several types of fish"

    "You can become a werewolf"
    Yes, once a day after completing a quest for the Companions. The transformation animation made me jizz.

    "You can become the leader of every guild"
    Thieves Guild- Yes
    Companions- Yes
    Bark Brotherhood- Didn't finish. Was too busy staring at the loli vampire whom i just married.
    Mages guild- did not complete

    "You can become a Thane"

    "You can become a vampire and be a werewolf at the same time"
    No. When you obtain one, you get 100% disease resistance, making it impossible to gain the other one.

    "There are collectibles (Like Fallout Bobheads"
    Didn't find any, i also did not really look.

    "Skyrim will be better than sex"

    "You can ride a dragon"
    Only one, during a cutscene.

    "There are Dwemer"
    Nope, only ruins and constructs.


  12. Thanks for the information and I am curious if you are a werewolf can your companion be a vampire?
    -xoxogossip girl

  13. Or is it like underworld or something?