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Friday, 4 November 2011

Chubby Steve

Oblivion horse
A couple of weeks ago, it was pointed out to me how well the horses have been done, compared to Oblivion, so therefore I have taken this opportunity to talk about that, as well as pay homage to Chubby Steve at the same time.

It's not that I want to go on an hour-long, punctuation-less rant about how the horses in Skyrim are more detailed, with greater muscle markings, making them less cartoony and much cooler, which is why we should enjoy riding them a lot more, which I think we will do, not only because of their obviously cooler design, but also due to their more realistic pace and movement and if you take a good, long look when you're riding them in, i'm guessing, about 2 weeks from now, You'll notice that they don't just magically glide sideways when you turn around, but they actually turn around in a more realistic horse-way and thanks to Chubby Steve, which we've seen countless times now, we have been able to make this observation and make comparisons to the horses of Oblivion and finally conclude just how much they've improved in the sequel, but it's just that I feel like I have to make a point out of how great it is that they've done so much out of the horses.

Chubby Steve

Chubby Steve


  1. I was an English major in college, and despite the fact that your run on sentence hurt my very soul, this was a good post. I am glad they're redoing the horses. Horseback riding was such an unpleasant experience in Oblivion; I hope they get the attention they deserve as the sole form of mounted travel.

  2. I'm glad they have fixed up the horses, but i still want to see the silt strider return!

  3. Admit it, Chubby Steve is just a poor attempt to resurrect Fatty Lumpkin.


  4. I allways hated riding, that's why I didn't care if the horse oyu got from Lucian died...
    Shadowmere, or something... I don't remember.

    I hated the horses so bad, that I never EVER did buy one, with any of my characters.

    Now, they look much better! They have improved alot, and I can't wait to see how they "JUMP"!

    - Mike

  5. Do you know if there will be wild horses that you can attempt to mount? Maybe then you could name that horse Chubby Karl or something else cool.

  6. @ Adam
    Achievement "Run-on sentence of death" earned. 50gp.

    I wouldn't count on it

    What the deuce is Fatty Lumpkin?

    I hated riding too, but I had to keep Shadowmere. It was just so cool!

  7. thank you for you have given me the idea for my hores name....CHUBBY CARL.

  8. That Brad is an IMPOSTER. I have no clue what fatty lumpkin is, but to fake brad YOU SON-OF-A-Biche! I am from now on signing my last initial too. (this is brad that wrote about us all appreciating your work on here which we still do, of course!)

    The Real F**king Brad T.

  9. Biche pronounced Bee-je a funny way to say bitch, which is a How I Met Your Mother reference

    Brad T

  10. Look at my horse, my horse is amazing.

  11. Give it a lick.

    Mmm, it tastes just like raisins.

  12. Have a stroke of its mane
    It turns into a plane
    And then it turns back again
    When you tug on its winkie