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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tavern Tumble

This is classic role-play! Where do you go if you want something to do? The tavern.
Thankfully to the spirit of RPG, as well as that of tradition, taverns will play a much larger role in Skyrim, than in any TES game before it.

Albeit a decent place to find a bed, the taverns of Skyrim's predecessor, Oblivion, was only harbor to a number of quests, that could be counted on one hand. I recall a Khajit woman, whom had lost her potatoes to an ogre thief; An Altmer who wanted to explore a cave filled with monsters, and some dude named Raynil, whom we had the pleasure of reuniting with his brother. - Oh, and something about a sad ghost!

Not a lot to go for, but the keywords here are: Mucho improvement!
God Howard and Sir Hines have claimed that taverns will play a much larger role, when it comes to quest sourcing and rumors. I imagine that the first place we can go if we want something to do, is the inn! Yet, as we enter the inn, we must remember that there is more to do here than just ask around!

One of my favorite possibilities here is - And we need to underline this - Tavern Brawls!
If you get people drunk and piss them off, people should start bashing each others' faces in - including yours! Now that we're on the subject of getting people riled up; How do we go about that? Well, I know of one way: Bards! You can hire bards to keep playing, people will get riled up and drunk, making it not only easier to make them frenzy, but also to steal their possessions. [Evil smile.]

But wait?! Are we done yet?! Not quite, my children, not quite! The radiant AI has been improved overall, and in taverns, this will come to show! When we come in and take a seat, we might hear the non-so-faint yell of a stressed out tavern owner, ordering the nearby waitress to take our order. It probably also exists in a non-mean version, though. The taverns will, with all of this, definitely be a huge influence on our experience. Without. A. Doubt!


  1. If one of those drunkards comes towards me with violent intent, I will put an arrow through their eye. That being said, I can't wait to explore the taverns now, it seems like they will be alot more fun. And, dangerous.

    - Jace

  2. Nothing says Land of the Nords like a good ole' drunken tavern brawl! I really hope getting drunk has some effect on the Dovahkiin, maybe some staggering or some drunken dialogue options. I am so pumped for this! I can hardly wait another 9 days.

    ~Tackus McScruples