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Sunday, 30 October 2011

You've got to be kidding me!

You know, I love spoilers; Most of the time, anyway. I look at spoilers for several mangas every week and it is good! But the fact that someone would leak the Skyrim manual against Bethesda's will was appalling, yet I couldn't help myself. The horror and glee, mixed together in a pot of tension, rises up again today, a mere 5 hours before writing this - And do you know how? Maybe you've heard already? Someone leaked the first 20 minutes of Skyrim, which is to say: "The intro." And not some intro video with enthusiastic music, no, the real fucking intro! Execution and interruption - Everything.

Guy with sword = ZeniMax
Bear = YouTube accounts
Once again I felt a small surge of negative energy flowing through me, as I thought of how disloyal whomever leaked it is! Did it stop me from watching? no.

I just got home and found out, as ZeniMax was closing down YouTube channels for showing their game intro before the official release - It was less than 10 minutes before it was closed down that I found the first part, covering 13 minutes, and started streaming it, allowing me to watch it. As far as I can tell, all of the video sources have been closed and it is no longer accessible.

That said, if anyone so desires, I will describe what I saw in the video - But for that you've got to tell me first. If you want me to, I'll make a post about that and make sure to mark that it is spoilers.



  1. While I understand why people would be eager to see the first few minutes of the game, it seems like it would be worthless just to watch someone play it. The entire point of seeing the intro is that seeing it means we will be actually playing Skyrim.
    I appreciate you offering to share it, but I think it's best to just leave things be. Besides, you don't want to get bad press for talking about things the company is specifically trying to keep quiet. It's just not in the spirit of gamers, you know?

  2. I noticed everyone who put the video on a website, embedded the youtube video... I wonder if anyone downloaded it then uploaded it to a website.. I am very desperate to see this video (I dont really care about spoilers)

  3. Yes! McBraas! Yes do it please...

    Tell us do tell =)

    I will keep checking back.


  4. ^What this person said. I would love to see this footage, sounds very interesting.

  5. Just watched both here: Hopefully people are saving it and re-posting. Sorry to tempt you all.

  6. I really have to say that I agree with the annonymus nr. 1 on this matter.
    Although I love this game and have to know everything about it, you should leave it be Braas.
    As a suporter to Bethesda, you should not write a post about something that the company don't want to show us before their big release.

    But I have to state that most of TES fans are like drug-adicts.
    Just read your post and watch how you form those sentences... kiiiiind of like a addict!
    I'm not saying most of us don't feel that way.. but I don't have a website where I share this with everyone x)
    So I will stay out of rehab for a while longer, but you, McBrass, you should keep a good lookout for men in white coats, cause they gonna force you into rehab.

    Halfway into 2012, there will be thousands of TES addicts who're in rehab. And many of them are there for the 2nd time :)
    Can't wait to see you there guys! :D

    - Mike

  7. SPOILER!! I did get to watch all 25 min because someone re-posted on youtube and it was taken down by the time I got through the second video.

    There really is only 1 word to describe the opening and it is AMAZING. I know we've always been previously a prisoner of some sort and that is true (not a spoiler I know) but the method in which you "escape" is by far one of the coolest openings I've seen to a game.

    The second video consists as what most people would call a starter dungeon and there are plenty of places to practice different things such as stealth and combat. I will say it is refreshing that the first time they swung a weapon it wasn't at a RAT!!! Yes, finally!

    Anyways, if y'all want more specific things let me know and I will post with a spoiler warning again.

    Needless to say that this is going to be one hell of a ride!!!

  8. Yeah, I found and watched the rest too.
    People are pretty clear about the leak sucking, so I won't post it here. If anyone wants a link, they can mail me.

  9. Hey guys, just got done watching the beginning and i am about to give massive spoilers:
    It involves you
    and it take place in Skyrim

    Hope you have fun with this information.