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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Race & Relationship

It is foretold that... Ah, screw it! I was asked about racism, okay?! Nah, seriously - I was asked about the relationship between the different races, due to the fact that it can have a minor impact on peoples' disposition towards the player. But before you go any further, I need you to listen to this song whilst you are reading.

This is what I've come up with:

Vvardenfell totally fell apart due to the eruption of Red Mountain - Not many years later, The Argonians came from Black Marsh and pushed all of the Dunmer out of Morrowind. Evidently the Argonians don't favor their religion, nor their willingness to accept slavery.

That aside, the Dunmer fled primarily to Solstheim and Skyrim, so I guess they'll be common and I am also guessing:

Dunmer X Argonian

So that's one! But there is much more potential to be screwed over, 'cause we still have 8 races to go! And true enough, the Dunmers' weren't the only ones forced to bend over and take it from behind, no, the Orsimer also had to go for a ride.

It just so happens that they had a capital city named Orsinium and the Bretons and the Redguards got the brilliant idea to team up and take on the most awesome race in all of Tamriel - Ha! Like they could win against Orcs!

Okay, so they did win, but is that really relevant? The point is that Orsinium got ransacked and the remaining Orcs also fled to Skyrim, as well as that we should keep in mind that Orcs are awesome!

Redguard & Breton X Orsimer

Well, apart from that, I read somewhere that Nords don't like their Dunmer visitors, so I guess we'll see a little:

Nord X Dunmer

And this is not much, but it is seriously, all I know. But I guess that's part of the excitement, isn't it?


  1. The song has been removed :'(

  2. What about Khajiit and Bosmer?

  3. Know nothing about them
    I know that Bosmers prefer to stay with their own kind, but nothing more than that.

  4. Hey does anybody have any information about umbra? im not very good at finding stuff on the internet.....

  5. I actually listened to the song... It was ok I guess... but I couldn't handle it for very long though!
    It's too much of a contrast to the racism in the game! Not that we like racism... it just don't add up with that song (Ô___________ô)
    having that said... racism in skyrim will be most interesting!
    As I most certanly will choose NORD, I will have a good chance of beeing liked, since most people in skyrim is nords! :D

    Oh well... Good night!

    - Mike

  6. You know what would be interesting to know McBraas?

    What spells we actully get to start the game with..

  7. I do seem to recall that the argonians andd the khajiit really disliked each other in Leyawin.


  8. Sure I'll play your game you rogue, challenge accepted *clicks youtube link*

  9. The spells we start with are a fire spell and a healing spell.

  10. Face it, everyone is racist to the beast folk
    -Same guy who wrote a romantic letter to his gf using the dragon language.

  11. I suppose you are right, Same guy who wrote romantic letter to his gf using the dragon language, but sense this is our first setting in Skyrim since Arena, we can't know for sure.

  12. They've always been the Unter Menschen. Doubt anything will change. I wanted dragon leathe armour. Not glass!!! But dragon leather armour would be impossible anyway, how is Dovahkiin going to carve out dragon armour if the dragon immediately disentegrates? But I mean, nothing can be tougher than the hide of a dragon.

  13. Besides the hide of a Dovahkiin^^

  14. Except... Dragon bone?
    And sure, the hide of dovahkiin, too.

  15. But that will have to be heavy armour, won't it? Sigh, anyway, I had a good idea for what you can do with your blog after it comes out. Your blog is my home page^^. My name is Christopher, the guy who wrote the letter to his gf using the dragon language.

  16. But lets not forget the most important thing here.....ORCs are indeed Awesome.And everony should know this.

    Every Elderscrolls game i started with an Orcish Warrior (also made a khajit thief and argonian mage but that besiede the point.)
    There is nothing more Awesome and fearsome than a big muscled orcish brute in heavy Armor and with a Big Axe in its hand (well maybe if said orc could turn into a big Werewolf).

    If there were a Race-war in Skyrim,the Breton and Redguard could just go home.

  17. I agree with you, the orcs even have a bloody Daedric origin.

  18. Wow, Christopher - Thanks :D What is your idea?

    And yes, Orcs are awesome and that is fact. Screw dragons.

  19. Well, what is very common among TES is those idiotic walkthroughs. I hate them. Anyway, my idea is that you provide facts and strategies. Such as what is your best plan when first facing your first dragon, high levelled undead and etc. Also, where to find the best merchants and best dungeons with high levelled equipment and enemies. Although that might irrevelant due to radiant story. But you get the idea

  20. Maybe even facts, such item x does this amount of damage and it first appears around this level. But what I do hate, are walkthroughs.