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Monday, 31 October 2011

Modding assumption: Console Condolences

Yes, I chose to roll PC this time around, just for Skyrim - but console wise, there's still something that is bothering me. This is just an assumption,but I get the feeling, from the way Bethesda's folks have been talking about it lately, that what we were told would come to pass, will not.

I talk about modding for consoles. Howard told us back in July that they would integrate modding to consoles - In fact they already could, they just didn't have a decent security system for it - They hadn't even begun working on it (Which is fine.)

It's just they way they talk, when modding's on the table - It's just a feeling; A hunch - I'm just saying: Don't get too down, should it turn out to be an empty promise. I'll keep you posted on the topic - from now on, I'll be watching it closely.


  1. They already said that they will not be supporting mods for consoles. It was confirmed. I do not have a source, but im sure if you google it you'll find it.

  2. Mods for consoles are not possible because both sony and microsoft wont allow it, even if they did console users would be limited to vanilla stuff and couldn´t install custom made weapons, armour etc to the game.Also there is the fact that sony and microsoft would charge for the mods.I´ll be playing on pc since it´s way better but the game still looks good enough without mods.

  3. Integrating stuff other than vanilla, is possible, you just need a PC also.

    But yeah, it figures that it is because of Sony and Microsoft. The issue just is that they said they (Beth) would and it brought a lot of peoples' hope up.

    You know what it's like to be disappointed.