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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Werewolf screens

I don't know how to express myself clearly - I feel like I am being fucked with. I don't like it. Of course I see the sarcastic irony, in Pete Hines lie about Mai'q not being in the game. Ha. Ha.

Yet, here I am. Confused. Are there werewolves or are there not? Bethesda took a long time deciding, and one time only, where we were told that if it wasn't part of the initial release, then with DLC. Good enough.
Then we were told that they wouldn't be in the game, few weeks ago (like 2?) and we had to place our money on the DLC.

Then I found this and ask myself:

Why are you messing with me?!

There's clearly a picture of a werewolf, whom we've been asked to kill, presumably by a terrified local town. However, he is clearly reasonable and might even become a possible companion.

Then I'm thinking, "Maybe Beth just meant that we couldn't transform into a werewolf."

See where I am going with this? The second picture shows active effects on Dovahkiin (us,) and it clearly shows us the effect of Hircine's ring: Transform into a werewolf any time, at will; Or as it phrases it: "Additional werewolf transformation." This suggests, and I'm inclined to say proves, that we'll be able to turn into werewolves.

I feel like we're getting banged around like feather shuttlecocks here and whilst the tension and element of surprise is exciting, the concept of a broken hope is devastating. Just putting it out there. Thoughts?


  1. Well, where did you find these screen shots? And, maybe Bethesda just wanted to surprise us? Or, maybe those screen shots are just not legit. But, then again. No matter if werewolves are in on initial release, they will have it in DLC. That's good enough for me though...

    - Jace

  2. Oh god, not more flaimbait for the forums...please no...

  3. Werewolves are in the game, but I highly doubt we can become one, the person who took the screenshots of hircine's ring was never able to actually transform. Leftover development/item that will be used once the dlc comes

  4. Which would mean that my initial thought was correct, yes?

  5. That's what I'm thinking, I'd love to be wrong and player werewolves be in

  6. We share that thought, Dovah-Comrade.

  7. I know we fight werewolves. But possibly become werewolves or help a huge werewolve clan take over a town would be awesome.

  8. omg that looks so epic!! just imagine yourself walking in a forest all alone in the night and then you see that werewolf staring at you then suddenly it starts chasing you and you have no idea where it is.... lol. also, where did you get those pictures??

  9. This... is.... so....COOL! bring on the werewolf innocent slashing goodness! though cant get hopes up, or else they will be dashed away: to quote Minsc from Baldurs Gate 2 "like so much rancid jelly!"

    - Dreyy

  10. Obviously many many people know that the game has been leaked onto torrent sites and along with those leaks people have been able to mod it already.... Yes I know.... how??

    Let's just say I saw a video of the opening that immediately cut away once you had control and they were flying around in the air.... I'm 100% sure that it was the game and that means someone/somehow modded it. Honestly, until we get the game and see for ourselves, I truly think that anything we see until release should be questioned.

  11. This IS beth made. Some people has downloaded it for consoles, yes, but they can't mod.

    1. It's for consoles
    2. They haven't had the time
    3. They don't have the tools
    4. The flying can be done with console commands, or rewritten code, or the likes - performed before burning it to a disc and playing it on Xbox360.

    The pictures, I've found in various forums - They are the result of, as this guy^ said: The game has already leaked..

  12. Huh sad day. I mean I’m happy cause there’s a small chance to become a werewolf but because we don’t know for sure it bothers me. See my favorite race is the Khajiit, I just like the fact that its far from human like races. Anyways I want to be a Khajiit but if there is werewolves and you can change into them then I don’t want to be a Khajiit. It makes since right? You don’t want to be a cat like race then change back and forth from a canine race. That’s why I wanted to know if there was werewolves so I could pick a reasonable race. Huff know what do I do? ….Oh and like your site I go on nearly every day.


  13. I hope that the guy who told there were no werewolves was lying or misinterpreted orders, like maybe they told him to say "No comment" and he said "No werewolves." Good find buddy. Hope to god they're in there.

    Would be funny if the vampires and werewolves hated eachother, and the leader of werewolves was J.Cobb and the leader of vampires was Ed.Word or something.

  14. Why thank you, Sin - I appreciate it. And you too, random person right after - Except for the Twilight reference.

  15. Look at this pic

  16. I don't see a ring, I see the effect used for dragon shouts. I have doubts as to whether these pictures are legitimate. Anyone with enough time can fake these. Besides, you guys are acting all fanatical over something that you played as once over half a decade ago. But again, these look unconvincing. Not trying to stay an argument, just giving my honesty opinion.

  17. Errr ... I don't really care.
    I'm more interested in the small deatails.
    But not to be a party-crasher, it might just be a fake picture.
    We'll proberly get a reply from Bethesda soon enough...

    - Mike

  18. And by the way.... this is kind of "off topic" but it's still a good question in my opinion...

    As I have ordered the collectors edition, like so many other fans, I do wonder.. Is there some "in-game" content that is exclusive to the collectors edition?

    - Mike

  19. and another "off-topic" thing... I know we live in a world full of opinions, but there is just this one dude I really don't understand.
    I think he just have a hard time "seeing things diffrently" than what he think is right...

    But if you truly like Skyrim, you should not look at this, because it will make you .. i dont know, angry?

    I kind of made me angry =/

    made me go all: Protect the world of tolkien/robert jordan fantasy!

    so... here it is:

    Veiw at your own risk.
    - Mike

  20. does anyone know where to watch leaked footage?

  21. I'm pretty sure you can both Fight and Become one, the Picture says "Active Effects" and shows "Additional Werewolf Transformation" in it along with the "Resist Frost", "Fortify Health", and "The Warrior Stone"

    But i would still like to see how it Works, like maybe you Sprint on all 4 Legs :O

  22. i'm both excited and a little upset. excited because of the possiblity of playing as a werewolf. upset, because i believe game developers give away to much to try and build hype about a game. imagine the pee-your-pants giddiness you would have experienced at seeing your first in game dragon if bethesda had (somehow) hidden that feature. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME! i think bethesda with held info about werewolves just so the player could have a great surprise when he/she finally found one. sadly, now that experience is gone...

  23. To the person who mentioned a Twilight reference: If they did that it would ruin the game for people who hate Twilight as much as a lot of people do (I myself used to hate it but recently I've wanted to see it just to see if it's any good, a "don't knock it till you try it sort of thing"). If they did anything like that they should make it small sub-clans who you could go the whole game as a Vampire or Werewolf without interacting with. And they should make jokes about the Vampires sparkling in the sun and the Werewolves actually being shape-shifters.
    To Mike: Dude, that article was so lame and ignorant it made me want to kill the writer.
    -A. James

  24. Yo sorry I have to ask and don’t know how so I leave another comment. Ok if people think I’m dumb for asking this then they can just go…um never mind that but will you keep posting? I mean about werewolves? Just asking being I’m kinda hoping that you’ll give me news (good or bad) on the werewolf thing so I may put my mind to rest. (you don‘t have to if not wanted just asking) Ha I already have sleeping problems and knowing Skyrim is just days away it just doesn’t help. So I just bang my head against my bedroom wall as my friends say I’m crazy and obsessive over Skyrim…which I already know I’m messed up in the head but obsessive, well hm…yeah that probable true to. Well now I’m just rambling on oh will you still be posting even after Skyrim comes out? Or are you going to be like me and get your soul sucked out of your body as your life lives on in the awesome rpg world known to man kind? (don‘t gets mad at me I just asking) Oh and BTW Twilight sucks and I don’t care if a angry mob of screaming little girls come after me, I mean its true and sorry but the truth hurts. Ha I even went to see Vampires suck in theater when it came out just because it was making fun of Twilight. And I reed that article and thought nothing of it frankly I got bored reading it and I normal just come here cause McBraas never boreds me…so yeah.


  25. I knew it XD the only thing saying that werewolves were not in was a magazine, bethesda guys never said anything about it, in fact they allways said we can´t talk about that a guy even said I´d love to talk about it but I can´t XD

  26. There is just so much to take in!

    @ Mike
    The collectors' edition will feature the game, a box, the Alduin-wordwall statuette, "The making of Skyrim," and the premium map - you will not get exclusive in-game content.

    Also, the guy who wrote that article was is not only ignorant, but quite frankly, a little dull.

    @ Guy who wants the leaked footage
    Write to me on facebook or Twitter and I'll send you a link. I won't post it here.

    @ Sin
    Your enthusiasm is inspiring. Yes, I will keep writing. on 10/11/11 I will make a post, stating what functions this site will after after the release.

    If I get any news on werewolves, I'll post them immediately.

    @Last fellow
    Pete Hines confirmed it on Twitter.

  27. Why is everyon so excited about the werewolf thing? It's not that big a deal, ever since bloodmoon everyone has been acting like fangirls. It was 8 years ago, Morrowinds time has passed. Just let it die.

  28. I don't think it has anything to do with Bloodmoon, but rather that the thought of being able to transform into a werebeast is thrilling.

  29. Dude, someone got it early and leaked info about werewolves (READ ONLY FOR SPOILERS)

    WEREWOLVES. Not only are they in the game, but you CAN become one. I won't spoil the quest details but seek out the Companions in Whiterun and continue their quests. There's a big surprise with one of their warriors which will eventually lead you to becoming one. It feels incredibly powerful, the character model is a cross between the Lycans from Underworld and the wolves in the game, attacks can send opponents flying across a room, and there are also multiple kill animations for them. The only thing that kind of sucks is it's all in third person view. The sense of speed when sprinting in first person would have been awesome. I've also heard there is a quest from Hircine and his ring included, but this is another way you can do it. Hopefully the ring allows you to change at anytime because for right now it's just once a day.

  30. If you want to be a furry so bad then just be a Kahjiit. I don't understand how everyone here is acting like the single geatest thing in Skyrim would be to be a werewolf. And this is a little off topic, but the constant references to Morrowind are getting old, EX: "There's no Spears" and "No medium armor". The Morrowind ship sailed 9 years ago.

    - Alex

  31. @ Anonymous guy after my last comment.

    You little rascal - I was going to put post that. Can you locate the original source, where this was first posted? I haven't been able to.

    @ Alex

    Nostalgia is one of the best feelings in the world, wouldn't you agree?

  32. @McBraas
    It's the anon that posted the Werewolf stuff, apparently it's by a user called StaySaucy, who got the game early. Here's the earliest post I could find with my Detective work.


  33. @ Andrew
    Thanks. That's where I ended up too, I'm afraid. As far as I understand, all the info (there is more) origins at the same place - I just don't know where.

    Again, thanks for spending time on this.

  34. @McBraas
    I found some more, go on FB and like the Todd Howard Fan Page, he updates like crazy.

    He seems to have found this all by that same guy:

    Beware, this post contains spoilers, thanks to "staysaucy" for the info

    Now whether you want to believe me or not isn't my concern. I do have a copy, and I am writing a review. I'll be more than happy to post it once it's written, and you naysayers can eat it. I just want to put in some of my opinions and confirm a few things for those of you that are excited about the game. I'm not going to post a "here's proof that I have it" picture or anything like that. Like I said, you can believe me or not and wait and see until the game comes out. I have nothing to gain or lose, I'm just clearing some things up about the game. No, I'm not posting my G/T on Gamefaqs. There shouldn't even be a question as to why.

    -Leaked footage aside, the graphics are fine. I have rarely been unimpressed and they are a big step up from both Oblivion and Fallout. There are lots of textures on environments and characters. You're going to be astonished how much you can see from a distance, or the cities and towns you can view from High Hrothgar. I don't know how they got this game on a single disc but that is a feat in itself. If someone really wants to complain about the graphics then they're just superficial idiots and should be ignored. You want a good judge of the graphics? Check the official screenshots.

    -Combat is not perfect, but it is improved and gets better as you level up. There are multiple kill animations, most of them pretty brutal. I haven't unlocked the ability to decapitate yet but there's enough impalement and head bashing to keep me satisfied. Probably one of the coolest and most surprising animations was when I sprinted towards an enemy and attacked, causing my character to leap into the air and send his sword into the guy. Pretty similar to that move Brad Pitt uses in Troy.

  35. -The bow and arrow is vastly better from past games. Once you start leveling up your archery it becomes of regular use and the sound effects for a one shot kill are flawless. Occasionally you will down an enemy and they will plead for mercy while crawling away. This is the time to send your arrow or weapon into their skull.

    -WEREWOLVES. Not only are they in the game, but you CAN become one. I won't spoil the quest details but seek out the Companions in Whiterun and continue their quests. There's a big surprise with one of their warriors which will eventually lead you to becoming one. It feels incredibly powerful, the character model is a cross between the Lycans from Underworld and the wolves in the game, attacks can send opponents flying across a room, and there are also multiple kill animations for them. The only thing that kind of sucks is it's all in third person view. The sense of speed when sprinting in first person would have been awesome. I've also heard there is a quest from Hircine and his ring included, but this is another way you can do it. Hopefully the ring allows you to change at anytime because for right now it's just once a day.

    -Elk and deer are common bastards and manage to escape me often. This pisses me off enough to spend way too much time trying to chase them down.

    -Giants are not to be **** with. They get hostile if you get too close and they shake the ground when they chase you and it's pretty damn scary. I was being chased by one and every time I looked behind me he was closer. Unless you're past level 10 you won't have a chance. I killed one only because I got him trapped in an area that I was able to play cat and mouse in. It still took about 5 minutes to kill him at level 12, but then again I'm all melee/bows and no magic.

    -Smithing can get addicting. You can find minerals and ore to mine in the game and then take it to a furnace to make into ingots. Use the hide of animals on a tanning rack to create leather and leather strips, then using a forge you can create weapons and armor. There's a grinding stone to improve your weapons, and a workbench to improve your armors. There is no weapon or armor degradation. (j)

    - When you first visit Whiterun's Jarl, Jarl Balgruuf the Greater, he will ask you to help his fellow Jarl Wizard named Farengar, by retrieving a 'Dragonstone'. If you complete this quest, the Jarl will allow you to purchase property within the city of Whiterun.

  36. - The Jarl of Whiterun will also give you a shield as a reward : Steel Shield of Resist Shock.

    - The Jarl will then ask you to help out some of his guards, who were commanded to go investigate the Western Tower because a dragon was sighted there. The name of this quest is 'Dragon Rising'.

    - Upon arrival, a guard will warn you and tell you that the dragon is still there. When you enter the tower, you will hear the guards outiside being attacked by the savage dragon.

    - There are a total of 7 NPCs helping you fight this mighty dragon, that's why this dragon fight is relatively easy.

    - The dragon's name is Mirmulnir.

    - As you defeat the dragon, you automatically absorb his soul and the NPCs are astonished. They start saying that you must be Dragonborn, stuff made from Nordic legends of old.

    - When you absorb the dragon soul, an optional step of the quest comes up 'Use a Thu'um (or Dragon Shout)'. The dragon shout is the first part of FUS ROH DAH (Force Balance Push), meaning FUS. It's only a punny little dragon shout, still level 1. It's countdown timer is 15 seconds.

    - The Dragon, Mirmulnir, drops the following loot : Whiterun Guard's Helmet, Steel Arrow (17), Dragon Bone (3), Dragon Scales, Gold (182), Steel Mace, Studded Armor of the Minor Squire. It's interesting to note that
    Dragon Bone has a weight of 15 and a value of a whopping 500 Gold. You find 3 of a total value of 1500 Gold. Dragon Scales Weigh 10 and have a value of 250 Gold.

    - Now the Dragonborn (you) must return back to Whiterun and report everything to the Jarl.

    - When you're on your way, you hear a thundering roar and the Greybeards shout 'DOVAHKIIN' (Sounds epic by the way, it sent shivers down my spine.)

    - As you re-enter whiterun, you find two Redguards (Alik'r Warriors) that are looking for a certain Redguard woman. You can either help them, or leave them be.

    - Let me tell you that Whiterun is BIG. It's easy to get lost.

    - The Jarl will thell you that they've also heard the Greybeards shout 'DOVAHKIIN' and that you must be Dragonborn. He will tell you to go to a place named 'High Hrothgar' and you must climb the 7000 steps. He will tell you that Tiber Septim, who was also Dragonborn, climbed those steps a long time ago. As a reward for helping with dealing with the dragon, the Jarl compensates you by giving you the title of Thane of Whiterun. He says it's the greatest honor that's within his power to grant. He also assigns you a personal Housecarl (companion) named Lydia. His last reward is an axe, named Axe of Whiterun. STATS : Damage 16, Weight 25, Value 378. Effect : If target dies within 5 seconds, fills a soul gem.

    - The player then goes exploring a bit around Whiterun, then opens his 3D World Map and hovers the cursor over a place called Ivarstead and below it, a bullet opens saying 'Speak To The Greybeards'.

    - The player steals a horse without anyone noticing.

    - SADLY... the dragon's corpse is still there but it has a NOCLIP effect.. meaning, the player can go right through it as if it was ghostly. Maybe this happens because he's mounted, it has not been confirmed if this issue is still existent when the player is on foot.

  37. - The player encounters the same two Redguards (Alik'r Warriors) and a Redguard woman. Things were getting rough but then they noticed the Redguard woman has no scar (meaning it wasn't the one they were looking for.)

    - When the player unmounts, the stolen horse walks away and then starts running off in the distance.

    - The player sprints along in the Tundra. The stamina bar doesn't take long to empty itself, 5-6 seconds.

    - There are 3 grazing Caribou.

    - The player switches to bow but the Caribou are too fast. Instead, he kills 2 Mudcrabs. Mudcrabs drop Mudcrab Chitin (Pinchers), Weight 0.3, Value 2. It has 4 UNKNOWN effects.

    - The player finds a Stormcloak camp, made of 4 Stormcloaks, 1 of them named Thorygg Sun-Killer.

    - He says that you need to make your way to Windhelm and talk to Ulfirc Stormcloak himself if you want to join the Stormcloaks.

    - The player wakes up a Stormcloak that's sleeping under a small tent. The waking animation looks STELLAR.

    - The player finds a Mammoth Tusk. Can't be used with Alchemy apparently. Weight 5, Value 458.

    - As the player travels to Ivarstead to meet the Greybeards, he discovers a snowy place called Haemar's Shame. (j)

    - The player meets a Hunter, riding a horse. The female hunter is willing to trade, but she possesses a mere 8 gold. Selling clearly isn't an option here, unless you're willing to buy a gazillion of wolf pelts.

    - The player stumbles upon a cave named Haemar's Cavern.

    - There is an NPC up on some wooden structure. The player equippes a Spark Spell and 2-shot kills the NPC. Apparently the NPC was a Vampire's Thrall.

    - Then, the player and his companion, Lydia, encounter a vampire, Vampire Fledgeling. Looks like a scary evil old witch. It's using a red health absorbing spell. The vampire drops some things, and amongst them lies a Black Mage Robes, Armor 0, Weight 1, Value 153. Effect : Magicka regenerates 50% faster.

    - Deeper in the dungeon, there lie more vampires. 1 of them turns into dust as the player kills it with the Spark Spell.

    - The player tries some cooking.

    - There are shelves full of books.

    - There's a coffin.

    - There's an enchanting table. Very cool looking.

    - The player dies when facing 2 Vampire Fledgelings, deeper in the dungeons.

    - The player gets out of big cave and finds and abandoned Alchemy Shack. It has an Alchemy Journal, a bed, some plants in the small backyard and an Alchemy Lab.

    - The player sleeps.

    - The player tries Alchemy. It's amazing. Manages to create some Magicka potions. Fails a lot.

    - The player discovers Ivarstead.

    - The player enters a building 'Vilemyr Inn'.

    - There's a long redhead haired Nord. He tells you that Klimmek brings food supplies up to the Greybeards every few weeks when the weather permits it.

    - The player pays a woman named 'Lynly Star-Sung' 5 Gold to play an instrument called Lute.

    - The Inn keeper named Wilhelm tells you that there's a haunted barrow in Ivarstead and that you should stay away from it. He says that he saw one of the spirits with his very own eyes. When it glared at him, it burned through his soul. He thinks that the spirits are guarding the barrow. He says that it's hurting his business, who wants to rent a room anywhere near a haunted barrow right? He also says that about a year or two ago, some fella named Wyndelius came through; said he was some kind of treasure hunter. The inkeeper warned him but he went in the barrow nontheless. The very next night the village heard screams from the barrow, and that was it. He also states that he hates magic users. "I've got no interest in magic users. No use for their kind at all. They're way up north in Winterhold and that's fine with me. I don't even like our Jarl havin' a court wizard."

    Rumour is, by the way, that this is a 98 minute play through leaked on metacafe or something.

    Oh wait, megaupload*
    Boy that was a lot

  38. i know andrew hes a nice guy

  39. Oh this is really good news I wasn't really keen on being a vampire but werewolf that sounds cool and also I have been constantly on your site everyday and I think it is awesome my first few pages of history are this blog I can't even find por...... School work
    -bogan Bruce

  40. Hey
    Hey guise
    Are you listening?
    What if...
    What if...
    what if you can become a werewolf AND a vampire?

  41. id call thiz da best sitye for skyrim info, i hope thiz link iz legit tho

  42. ive seen multiple videos,screens and different people playing az werewolvez and goin thru thru the story so im 160% sure they are

  43. Yeah, I've also reached a point where there is no doubt in my mind.

  44. @ McBraas and dude before his last one: could u put a link to one of the werewolf vids? and to guy before dude before McBraas LIKE IN MORROWIND!<---great game i miss it dearly. if there legit is hircines ring in the game I would love to use it in the day and vampire at night after i beat most of the game(like in morrowind=])

  45. I'm afraid that I do not possess a werewolf video, nor the link or reference to one.

  46. Now the it like *poof* or *bing* you're a werewolf or does it show the fur, claws, and snout growing like in the movies?

  47. Hey can post anytime like quotes that have been confirmed and stuff that hasn't like kind of a quick look and information on what is and isn't on the game and stuff you believe will be (like were wolves)
    -xoxo gossip girl

  48. I seriously have trouble understanding your message - It has a severe lack of punctuation and commas. Are you offering to do it, or do you want me to do it?

  49. Haha sorry I am reading it again and my previous comment doesn't make sense.
    Can you at anytime(like tomorrow)do a new post onstuff that has/hasn't been confirmed.Also maybe cool features that you believe to be in the game like werewolves and any other rumours that you have heard.
    -xoxo gossip girl

  50. Yeah, sure. I'll look it over, and if there's enough juice in it, I'll slab it up on the site.

  51. i actually have a video of werewolf game play :). caught it before they took it off YouTube its legit, its scarey as well but i don't know if i can put it on the sight it could be illegal .

  52. I've acquired some too. You can put it up on Youtube in 2 days.

  53. Here is the link to transforming to a werewolf.

  54. Question (Spoiler): playing a female and I didn't know if this was a glitch or not, but do you lose Lydia (Housecarl) if you become a werewolf? I didn't think I lost her the first time, but reloaded (b/c I thought she got killed by a dragon) and now every time I go back transform and do the quest to kill the silver blades she's gone (even after telling her to wait). :/ *Carmen

  55. It sounds like a bug to me.
    Luckily the companions in Skyrim are anything but rare.

  56. Joshua/carmen-If u lose your housecarl after turning into a werewolf and doing the quest afterwards then check in dragonreach to see if she is there. She disappeared after I "woke" up from being transformed and after finishing that first werewolf quest I found her sitting at a table in dragonreach. Hope this helps.