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Thursday, 3 November 2011

God, you're such a Falmer!

Falmer is the keyword here. You can probably guess by the -mer that it is an elven race, more specifically "ice elves." Being aware that they are in the game for a while, I've been to ignorant to write about them - That's me, I'm such a bad boy.

Don't you dare think that this is from
Presumably they are not going to be as rare as lore makes them up to be - I'm certain that it's less rare than Celine Dion fans, But I guess that doesn't pose so big an interval to judge from. And no, Falmers' have nothing to do with Celine Dion and nor do I think that they'd want to, but to show you what I mean, quantity-wise, I'll present to you a scenario, which one of the journalists doing Skyrim (hehe - doing,) ran into!

He was walking at a mountain and he ran into a group of Falmer (4 - if I remember correctly) and they discussed religion - I believe he said that he believe in Akatosh, or Talos and then they went frenzy on his ass and he died - may he rest in glorious peace. (Evidently, they were Thalmer, not Falmer. I know - I thought it was stupid too.)

So far they've only been described as "Goblin-sized with skull helmets," but hopefully we'll hear more soon. Or see it. When we, you know, get the game. Soon. In a week.

A nice reader sent me this next picture of the Skyrim version of Falmer:


  1. when you said "in a week," I started to cry a little. The wait is killing me inside. I NEED MY TES FIX, MAN.

  2. It's okay - You're on the right path! The first step is admitting that you have a problem.

  3. its not an addiction. I can quit whenever I want. I just choose not to.

  4. I meant that the problem was that you didn't get your fix. You don't need to quit, man - It's all good.

  5. Fail it was the thalmor soldiers from summerset isle he ran into not the falmer.

  6. sorry mate it was thalmor agents/high elf warriors he mett not the falmer.

  7. I guess I'll correct that, then.

  8. Oh the drama "FAIL" ... good god, where's the love?
    Where's the love, the love, the love!?
    Yep.. I know that song! >:)

    Oh well.. I've been following you for quite some while now Braas...
    for many many months, it was way into the first or 2nd month that I cactually kept comming here almost everyday - and started commenting I guess.
    I have swept through your stuff more than once I guess, and some posts I have read up to four times, just because they were fun to read (i didn't read it four times at the same day, I'm not mentally ill... But it's true, I do enjoy reading your posts!)
    But yes, fun to read, and commenting a little bit... and on many posts.. for a good long while...
    Do you feel a little paranoid, McBraas?
    I mean, I'm one sicko who's been supporting you, maybe to much? :o
    Meh..! You deserve all the credit! ;)
    But I must say, that I really want Bethesda to take notice of this website! And to see all the commitment and hard work you have put into it, just for the sake of your own interest in TES and for wanting to enlighten other fans, and making it easier for us to find info (when I say "find info" i mean go into your favorties in your web-browser, then click this blog)!
    So... I am tierd and I think I kind of lost track of things here..
    But I hope you thought this site was worth your time, at least it have been to great help and pleasure to me!
    I have enjoyed every post. And I love this site like a fat kid loves cake!

    So, can you guess who I am? I am a fan of TES and I love the games!
    But I am also - your - fan nr. one! (do you feel paranoid now? >:] )

    who am I?

  9. Oh, my - So many kind words. Thank you! This site has definitely been worth my time - I enjoy writing and I enjoy TES - I am happy that so many people like it.
    Now, let's see... Mike?

  10. Argh! why you!? >.<

    - Yes, Mike...

  11. I'm a very big fan too...but no one ever notices me:/.
    This blog is the only thing keeping me breathing in these last few days. Can't wait any longer.

  12. Oh, you're noticed Chris. It's just not that often that you leave your name, so we can't find you.

    I'm glad that so many like my blog THAT much.

  13. That was creepy of me to say, although I am creepy in that everyone thinks I "praise satan" That's the downside of being gothic...