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Sunday, 30 October 2011

McBraas Responds: Thoughts on the new Dark Brotherhood

If you are anything like me, you'll never forget what an incredible experience it was to be woken up by a man, wrapped in a pitch black robe, giving you the chills as he lends the creepy, yet talented voice of Wes Johnson. It was thrilling and exciting, as he granted you the Dagger of Woe, with a goal; A purpose. After the death of Rufus, Lucien LaChance sent us to Cheydinhal and as we first entered the Sanctuary, we knew that we were not alone - We had a family.

Sure, eventually we had to assassinate every single one of them, but that's not really the point, now is it?
Point being - Joining and working with The Dark Brotherhood is probably one of the most memorable RPG experiences that I have lived through and I can only hope that it will be just as epic in Skyrim.

So what do we know so far? Well, we no longer grab their attention by killing an innocent. Although it was a cool way to spark their interest, it's fair to say that it was also easy - That is if you do not have a conscience.
Bethesda decided to up the stakes a little, and it seems that we really have to stand out this time around - As far as I've gathered, we have to receive a quest from some stupid kid somewhere (might be random due to Radiant Story) and that quest will take us on a dangerous, yet epic journey somewhere potentially painful and lethal - Which is no more than a normal day for Dovahkiin! All we can hope is that it doesn't interfere with our afternoon spot of tea.

Grabbing them by the beard and shaking it aside, it looks as if they've gotten a new design, expanding their previous, already vast choice of clothing and style (black.) How do I know this? Well, I've obviously acquired a super secret video (public on YouTube) and taken some pretty hardcore screenshots. It seems that they wish to emphasize what impact blood has on their career, should we choose to reflect on the dark red color, mixed with the classic black. How do I feel about this? Well it's just our friend Tony the Tiger always says: Greaaa-at!

Apart from one little detail, that about covers it. What little detail? What, McBraas?! Be nice and tell us, please! Please!! We're dying to know! If you don't tell us, we will have to lock ourselves in the back of our minivans (which everyone has) and get our non-awesome, non-skyrim friends and or comrades to take us to the nearest lake and dump us in there, along with them and the van, in shame and agony, after stopping at the local gas station to fill up the tank on the van, as well as a quick dummy beating behind the dumpsters, reminding us that we really don't have a place in this world; this universe even!

Well, when you ask like that, who could say no? We know what their entrance looks like. I used my keen memory and the magic of sight to spot that the symbols on the door in a certain screenshot, matches the carvings on the door to the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. I also recalled several reviews (3,) where the journalists found this door and mentioned that the skull asked them several riddles, which they didn't have the wit to answer correctly. Given that three people found it by coincidence, I'm thinking that it is rather easy accessible and we know that it ain't located in a city this time around.

I dream that we once again can enjoy the ecstatic and blissful ride of a long series of tasks along our dark brethren - Maybe this time around, we'll even get to do jobs along with some of our brothers and sisters. We can't know for sure, until the game is out; However, One thing we do know for sure is: As soon as Skyrim is out, we've got a family to join - And may the joining be bloody!

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