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Monday, 31 October 2011

Say hello to my little (Dragon)friend!

It's been said, but yet to been done. I'd like to put emphasize on a really peculiar event that Howard recently spoke of: the befriending of a dragon.

 [Guess the movie reference in this post's title]

If you don't know yet, it just so happens that we will, presumably through the main quest, get a chance to get all social with a dragon, which we then eventually will be able to call to come and aid us in combat, with a dragon shout called "Animal Allegiance." It is the third and final word in the shout, which means that you'll have to find and master the two previous words before you'll be able to summon this fire-breathing son-of-a-bit.. Son-of-a-dragon.

How we meet it and how we persuade it to join our side, I have no idea of. I honestly didn't expect this. At this point I also feel like I should mention that you won't be able to ride him. Oh, and of course you can only summon him outside.

I really hope that we have to defeat him before he joins us, just to prove that we're more badass than him. It's actually just so I won't feel like a pansy for calling on him.

That aside, I've noticed something interesting about him - It might just be me that's colorblind, but I felt like I should throw my observation out there. Kinda like I throw soda cans after armadillo's. Only.
I'm weird, but Todd said that there were 6 main types of dragon, of which I think we've classified in another post, though it is not official, just observation.

If our list is right, then this fellow is one of the "unique" dragons, that differs from the other, typical (yet not quite so dull,) dragons. When I paused the video for the 132th time, I noticed that he was kind of a dark-blue / Purple color <--- So what kind of dragon is that supposed to be? A Jill? I don't think so, 'cause they are supposed to be black.

Who is this dragon? Why is he different? Why is he on our side? People, tell me - What the fuck is going on?


  1. McBraas,
    This is unrelated to the post above..

    But I just want to say.. keap them comming.. I love all the info you gather for us all to read about to the point that i find myself checking for new posts every hour.. You get my antisipation hyped up!! I love its so i just want to say...

    Please keap em comming!! =)

  2. Alduin?
    Doesn`t it have some dark - ish colour...?
    Wonder if we get to see Alduin at all in the game ?

    1. you have to defeat alduin in the game and he sorta rescues you in the begining

  3. What Video are you talking about that you saw him in??

  4. Scar-face!!! Do I get a prize??? Ha ha just kidding.

  5. Hey McBraas,

    could you find out more information about the dragons.. like any new info would be great.. just feel like we need another update.. maybe what the six types are and a list of how dangerus each one is in comparison to the other?..
    How Random are they? like are they like any other NPC were they are still going about there every day life tell we meet them? or are they spawned in spots the game tells them to spawn..?

    I hope you understand the quetion.. =)

    Thanks so much McBraas!!

  6. I think I know what you're getting at. You got it.

  7. are you going to do the post that the person above me is talking about...after the game comes out or befor?? I am also wanting to know more about the dragons..

  8. oh ok thanks McBraas,

    Cant wait!

  9. hey i think that dragon is a frost 1 cause in the gameplay demo the frost dragon was a kinda dark-blue purply colour that had some white on it aswell

  10. I've already compared - They don't look alike.

  11. could the friendly dragon be Uriel Septim or Tiber Septim? or one of the other dragonborn emperors?

  12. The dragon you are talking about is actually one of Alduin's followers that (in the main quest) you call and battle (but you don't need to defeat him, merely trap him in Dragonreach's porch which was long ago meant for trapping dragons) and then talk to him since he will be helpless and is trapped he gives in and after talking to him he tells you where Alduin is and tells you that even though you have the voice of the dragon you don't have the wings and that if you let him free he will fly you there. So, after setting him free he waits for you to tell him you are ready to go and then you climb on his back and he takes you to the tip top of the mountain that Alduin is on. I warn you, TAKE HEALTH POTIONS! and after you defeat Alduin the dragon that helped you then becomes the dragon that you can call upon at any given moment (outside). I can't remember his name though.