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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Flame Atronach!

Hahahaha!!! I laugh at the poor design of Oblivion's flame atronach, which by the by, I hated! That was the enemy we got the least response from when we hit and it ruined the image of an epic battle for Kvatch that I had in my head, time and time again.

But let the complaining stop (for now) and the epicness begin! The Frost Atronach were among the first revealed enemies, leaving the question: Will there be more atronachs? Uummm... Yeah, there will! I've taken the liberty of acquiring some recently released footage and there was a flame atronach and... Yeah, well just look at the pretty pictures.

So far it is going a little like this:

Cool Frost Atronach ---> Awesome Frost Atronach
Crappy Flame Atronach ---> Rad Flame Atronach
Storm Atronach ---> ?

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