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Monday, 11 July 2011

Ze Blade!

I'll consider this an "equipment topic finisher."

It'll shortly be about the swords. As I mentioned about armor, it'll only be Heavy and Light, without a medium option.

But people also ask whether we'll see short swords, medium sized swords and long swords. The answer is the exact same: No.
There'll be one-handed swords and two-handed swords. Expect the one-handed to be shorter than the two-handed. That it is, folksies.

By god, let the lord almighty smite me if there is anything left out now. Of course I mean Alduin, not God.


  1. ao do i get this right, short swords are gone? i mean wouldnt they fall in the one handet weapon category? and what is with daggers, they're in the game am i right? so why not have more variety?

    seriously, im still hyped for skyrim, but why do they need to cut so much stuff from previous games? races are all the same, stats are kinda gone, there is no difference between genders, fallout 3 leveling, no hand to hand combat anymore, and so on and so on.

    allright, sorry for my little rant, but the more they say about what they cut the less hyped i am about skyrim. now they only need to announce that argonians cant breath under water anymore and that the dark brotherhood is not in the game(only thief, mage and warrior guild are confirmed so far) and i rethink of getting the game.

    again sorry for the little rant.

  2. You must have misunderstood.
    They are categorized as one-handed and two-handed, like In oblivion. Previously, there have been short, medium and long sword categories also. They are gone. So there will be short swords.
    There is also daggers, yes :)

    Races are the same, with a more unique design and unique abilities. Also, there will be racism in the game, so it matters which race you pick.

    The gender matters little more than a small change in dialogue.

    The stats were removes, because they were, in essence, stupid.

    The fallout 3 levelling is an improvement, if you ask me. It is the same as in Oblivion, only no Major/minor skills + you get a perk.

    You can still fight with your hands (there'll be Tavern Brawls :D) only the skills is gone.

    Argonians will be able to breathe underwater and the Dark Brotherhood IS in the game.

    You comments and rants are always welcome. Have a good evening.

    - McBraas

  3. thanks for the reply, its good to hear that argonians can breathe underwater, and that the dark brotherhood is still there(they're the most fun guild to join).

    about stats and fallout 3 leveling, we'll see how it works out when the game comes out but im just used to the morrorwind/oblivion style leveling.

    so i still can punch people in the face but i cant be a master face puncher(maybe a tavern brawl master), mmh ok.

    and im also happy to hear that the races have there unique abilities.

    so thanks for clearing some stuff up for me. have a good day.