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Friday, 15 July 2011

Time flies when you are having fun (Fast travel)

Oh god, a lot of people on the internet has a problem with the fast travel of Oblivion and so do I. Not saying that it sucks, but... Okay, yeah it does!

Apart from the cities, you had to find the place first, but as soon as you had, you could feel free to magically zap your way over there screaming "BaZiNg!"
Not to say that Morrowind didn't have flaws, 'cause you could practically find yourself spending an hour or more getting to wherever you needed to go.

Many, many folks who actually do like the way they handled it in Oblivion, often argue with the fact that if we don't like the fast travel, then we shouldn't use it. Now, as NextMasterMind neatly enough pointed out, there is one problem with that statement: It's stupid. (I'll link his video in the bottom of this post.)

I will use his example, 'cause it is good: Asking us to not use fast travel, is like asking the fat kid to choose between a carrot and a cake. Our other options are walking and riding by horse, which isn't much of an improvement - That only leaves the unsatisfying fast travel option.

I did like Morrowind better - they had boats, striders and Astral Recall.
But how is it being handled in El Skyrimo?!

I shall tell you! It is a mixture of the two, huzzah! There will be boats for travelling between coastal cities, which is just great. Mind that we won't be able to enjoy our voyage across the sea - it is fast travel after all. Of course this isn't Morrowind, so we need to be able to say goodbye to the Striders, as they are ugly and don't really fit in. However, there are other options. You can jump aboard a travelling merchants carriage and either choose to sightsee the entire trip, or you can skip that and go straight to your destination.

Now we reach the point where I am not entirely sure how it works, but the way that I've understood it, we also have the option we had in Oblivion: If you've been a place before, you can return there by clicking it on your map. I do know that we can't do that with cities, until we've been there, like we could in Oblivion.

But what about the astral recall? Sorry to inform the fans, but no. After consideration they decided not to include it, due to the bad touch they felt it gave Morrowind. There were some situations where you could just use it, when you just weren't supposed to. So no. Sorry.

All in all, it looks to be good - should I have the Oblivion option, I will mod it out, I think. Still, I am sure that those who want are more than happy to hear that it is back.

Oh, and here is the link I was talking about:

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