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Friday, 15 July 2011

Why and where you should preorder Skyrim (PAL)

I wouldn't wait around for some sot of special pre-order edition, 'cause that probably won't happen. Just preorder now!!

Why should you? First of all, Skyrim is awesome and there'll be a brutal battle for being the first to play it and post crap about it on the internet. You could be that douchebag! Huzzah!

Should you preorder, you will get an authentic map of Skyrim in a nice, woven material. If you don't, you'll get it on stupid paper.

If you decide to buy it, and you can completely ignore what I write now if your region code is not PAL, you should preorder it from
If you preorder it from shopto before November 9th, you'll receive it on the release date, not to mention that it is cheap - both the game and the delivery.

Personally I save more than 50% by preordering it from Shopto. So that was just a neat little webstore that I'd like to inform you of. Take it or leave it.

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