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Friday, 15 July 2011

Makeover Princess

I know next to nothing about any sort of coding or website managing / creation. I once fooled around with Ruby, but that's it. Even here, where google practically comes up and smacks me in the face with pre-made layouts I stare and drool more than a young teenager looking at a girls boobs for the first time.

You'll noticed that I've changed the site a bit. I've but the poll in the top, I've added a Picasa web album on the right, so I can share all of my Skyrim photos with you. I've also added a little A&Q box, so if you have any questions or something that you'd like to discuss, feel free to use it. All for you.

I've changed the clock in the bottom. Strangely enough I became dissatisfied with the large orange field, with small-ass letters and numbers. This one is prettier, easier for the eye and has a better setup.

Apart from that, I've put the archive under the clock and added a facebook "like" button at each post (biggest challenge of my life.) The tags / keywords are still on the right, I figured it would be best not to move them.

There are still videos at the bottom, as well as follow options.

Now, back to me being retarded on the subject - If anyone has any suggestions to make the website more... smooth, then go ahead and contact me on my mail:

Now let us move away from the world of Skyrim and move on to other projects - I also lead a coverage site on Saints Row the Third (solely because I was asked to,) and if you've been to it, you'll notice that it is quite empty. Why is that? Because I know less about Saints Row than Blizzard knows about holding their release dates. I will gladly recruit anyone who is willing to help on that project, 'cause I have never felt more handicapped.

For anyone interested in Naruto, I am also handling the coverage of Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations - That I can do, so I don't need any co-writers there (not that you aren't welcome, if you want.) Links are in the bottom left as always.

Thank you
- McBraas

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