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Monday, 11 July 2011

Look over yonder!

Just another short one.
I'd like to comment on the brilliant landscape of Skyrim.

In the previous installment: Oblivion and even the Fallout games, we could draw a line on our map and say "I want to go there!" And then just start walking in a straight line until you got there.

In Skyrim we'll not only be able to see further over yonder, but we can go anywhere we want - Not in a straight line though! There are mountains blocking your way, which you'll have to scale in order to move on. And get this: Every mountain in Skyrim is completely scaleable. You CAN reach the top on everyone of them!

This is mainly the reason that Skyrim will feel bigger than Oblivion, in spite of having approximately the same map size.

This idea is a genius worthy and I fully endorse it. Whomever made that decision should have chocolate and flowers placed as a surprise on their beds - Along with a naked Mr. T of course.

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