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Friday, 2 September 2011

Marriage - Broken down at the beginning of September

"Marriage is neither Heaven nor Hell, it is simply Purgatory" - Abraham Lincoln

Wise words, but apart from being able to create and play as a different person in a different world, Skyrim puts a little twist on marriage - there's no downside.

At first when I head there was going to be romantic relationships, I tracked it back to the "Troll post" I've mentioned before, meaning that it was a joke - Which I was fine with; I didn't like the idea. Luckily it turned out to be true in the end, and I say luckily because I've actually come around to the idea and I think that that is because it isn't handled Bioware-style (Dragon Age, Mass Effect etc.) not that there is anything wrong with that, mind you, but it just isn't right for this game.

But since the news was released, I've made 1 post about it, but there have been many updates on the topic ever since - so lets get to that, shall we?

Relationships in Skyrim are neat and has benefits - not only does Radiant Story look at whom your friends and enemies are and then gives them specific roles in quests, but having a good relationship with someone could also make them think twice about calling the guards on you, should you have the nerve to steal their fruit (and the likes.)

Once you've build up a relationship with one of the more than hundreds eligible bachelors, then no matter the gender and no matter the race, you can wear an amulet  to signal that you're ready for the next step: Purgato... I mean marriage. I guess it's one of them cool Nord traditions; And we know that that'll turn out well! Just look at how great the dragon-worshipping went!

Once you've courted whomever you want to court and have become man and wife, man and man, or wife and wife, you're new partner does more than just hold that honorable title. Once a day, your spouse can cook you a meal to restore your strenght <3 If you have a house, your new love will move in with you, or if you so desire, he or she will become your companion, aiding you in your travels, be that by fighting at your side, or giving you some neat perks.

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