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Monday, 29 August 2011

Dragon Shouts!

I think that forgetting to write about dragon shouts is kind of stupid, but I don't feel like I need to at this point. Most people already know all about them and it wouldn't be much different from telling you that the game will be released November 11th - you simply already know!

But just for the sake of doing it, I will shortly write about the dragon shouts, briefly, and then make a list over known dragon shouts.

To break it down, dragonshouts are a power you possess, being the fancy dragonborn and all. At the early stages of the game, after a daring rescue fro your execution, you are sent an invitation to join the greybeards, whom live on the top of the throat of the world, the tallest mountain in Skyrim and the second tallest peak in Tamriel. After you climb the 7000 steps and reach them, they will teach you of "The voice," which will enable you to make use of your gift and enabling you to learn the words of power.

Word Wall
Each of the at least 20 dragonshouts, will have three stages, one word for each one. In order to complete every set of dragonshouts and expand our vocabulary overall, you need two things: The first one being the easiest, but most time consuming, as you need to travel across Skyrim in search of old word walls, containing the necessary words of power - each wall has one word that you can learn, so it'll be some time before you're fluent in the luxurious language of the flying reptiles called dragons. The second thing you need is more problematic, but essentially less time consuming - You have to obtain dragon souls. How do you do that? You need to kill dragons!

So once you've slain one of those magnificent bastards and absorbed its respective soul, that soul will be converted into points, which you will then be able to spend on each of the words you've acquired, enabling you to shout that word very loudly and thus use its respective power.

Given that we're all such math whizzes, we've already figured out that that means we will at least have to find 60 word walls as well as slay 60 dragons, which of course is all in a days work.

Now that that is explained, lets see what Dragon shouts we've got so far:

  • Fus Roh Dah: Fires a shock-wave of force energy, both stunning and pushing enemies aside. Similar to the "Force Push" of the Star Wars franchise.
  • Liz Slen Nus: I don't know about level 1, but level 2  spews a torrent of ice crystals and level 3 encases enemies in ice.
  • Strun Bah Qo: This one creates a thunder storm (or at least level 3 does), striking your enemies with lightning.
  • Yol Toor Krein: Allows you to breath fire - each level extends how long it is active
  • Tiid Klo Ul: Slows time around the player
  • Lein - -: Whirlwind sprint - allows you to instantly move forward a great speed.
  • - Dovah -: Summons a dragon to come to your aid (You cannot ride it)
  • - - -: The words are not knows, but this shout is called "Animal Allegiance"


  1. how are these dragon shouts spent? Do you have to give a dragon soul to use a dragon shout or do you use magicka?

  2. Re-explanation:

    Each shout is represented by 3 words.
    You need to first find a word on a word wall.
    Then kill a dragon and gain its soul.
    The soul becomes a "point" you can spent on being able to shout the word you found on the word wall.

    The shouts themselves are not part of your magic system, so they work on a cooldown instead - As far as I've gathered, they don't cost mana.

  3. so you only have to use a dragon soul one time and then after that it takes a cool down period before you can use that same dragon shout or do you have to use a soul everytime you use a dragon shout?

  4. No no. You spent a Dragon Soul to LEARN the shouts - You can use them as many times as you want afterwards. WHEN you use them, they go on a cooldown until you can use them again.