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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

As I've mentioned previously, no, no arena

...Thus sounded the reply from Pete Hines, who were asked whether or not there would be an Arena in Skyrim. I've personally been aware of this fact for months, but evidently it ain't out there yet.

The arena in The Imperial City was one of the major Cyrodiilic attractions in Oblivion, allowing us to rise trough the different Gladiator ranks and eventually beat The Gray Prince and take his title as The Grand Champion. Maybe you performed his task as an easy way out of battling him, or maybe you stood up to him like a man and got your ass kicked - Never the less, you got there eventually.

After claiming championship of the arena, 2 things happened: first off, you could return each week to battle creatures and earn money for it, but more importantly you got an adoring fan; A small, chubby Bosmer with nothing but a need to be in your presence and follow your every command, most commonly resulting in having the player drag him to the top of a mountain, shoot him in the head with a well-placed arrow and watch with glee as he went all "rag-doll" down the mountain. Then we loaded and did it again.

Will we get an equivalent to the Adoring Fan in Skyrim? Who knows?! All we know so far is that there will definitely not be an Arena and I feel like maybe Pete Hines would appreciate it if people stopped asking. Just a guess, though.


  1. It'strange that people really didn't know this.
    I don't read alot, or at least I didn't untill the guys I watched on youtube stopped posting videos where they told me all about the newest of skyrim...
    Then I came back here, as this was one of the first places I found with decent information and I have to say, VERY well written!
    Makes it easy for a guy like me to enjoy reading facts, instead of hearing som total stanger on his/her webcam talking about the facts.
    But lets get back on topic here! As I said I must say that I am also suprised that people STILL didn't know that it would be an arena in Skyrim!
    HellooooOOOoOOOooO? Even I knew this! And I knew this many months ago! But I don't remember how though .. which bothers me alot!

    Oh well... I'll be waiting for the new post! :)
    Good night!
    Mike out!

    - Mike

  2. Im not sure about an adoring fan but you can get companions to follow you and help you fight. Also, you can get married!

  3. I seem to recall using some sort of spell that merely knocked him over the edge of the cliff. What I don't recall is if he screamed as he fell. In any case, it didn't count as a murder.