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Monday, 26 September 2011

Crafted by hand!

Closing in on 11.11.11 - Or as I've named it: Joyday, I'd like to emphasize the beauty of Skyrim's visual goodness, making our eyes shiny with tears and increasing our drooling rate by 5 times. The key to this beauty has been detailed hand-crafting throughout the world.

Whilst in most games, the team behind makes a generator, or copy previous textures and place them right next to each other (like the forests in Oblivion,) but now Bethesda says no! They've examined each are of the game and edited every tiny little detail to make the game as beautiful and immersible as possible! No longer will we pass by a row of identical trees and rocks! No longer will we be forced to endure the painful experience of walking the same plains over and over until we finally reach our long-awaited destination!

Everything is now beautifully hand-crafted! Every tree, rock, passage, dungeon, road, village, lake and castle! If it wasn't because it would be completely irrelevant, I'd shout "EUREKA!"

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