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Friday, 30 September 2011

Ice Golems!

There are three types of golems that we know of: Ice, Stone and Iron. Whilst I am not sure whether we'll see all of them in Skyrim or not, it has however been revealed that Ice Golems will make an appearance. Be happy!

Having not been seen since Arena, the golems make a glorious return. I am sure that we all share great love for golems, similar to the love between Cruella De Vil and pelts, meaning that we take pleasure in murdering them and plundering their bodies. Over the years, there have been many different depictions and takes on what a golem is and looks like. One of the more creative ones have been the one given in Dragon Age: Origins, where golems are created trough transforming dwarves with some special anvil, but they can however be annoying and dull to fight, which they in fact are in most games. I do believe that Skyrim might remedy that, due to their combat system which is ever so enjoyable.

I don't have a picture of Skyrim's golem,
so enjoy this Pokémon one instead.
Unlike Dragon Age, golems here are created by taking a raw material, shaping it like a humanoid and finally sparking it up with some magic, which is nice, since most universes use mechanics for golems.

But hey, that is it for now - Ice Golems. Hopefully there'll be more, just for the kicks.


  1. If you've played a very old game called "Heroes of might and magic III"
    There are Diamond golems! So there you have it!
    Another golem!

    And, I am looking forward to seeing ice golems in the game!

  2. and that was ... MIKE!

    - Mike

    Type that in, Its a brilliant site and you should have a picture of ice golems.