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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A whisper in the wind: Lycanthropy rumors

As previously mentioned, werewolves and vampirism were definitely taking into consideration by the dev team, but we were never really told which side of the coin that they landed on. We still don't know if it'll be so, but thanks to a fellow Skyrim enthusiast on youtube, we can get some good foundation for assuming so - and if not in the game to begin with, then probably via DLC. Keep in mind that I only talk lycanthropy and not vampirism here.

Now I know that you all ache for Skyrim more than Winnie-the-Pooh aches for honey and more than the Bush administration craved oil resources, so I'm am sure you will want to watch his videos, filled with neat details, which is why I linked them in the bottom of this post.

An interesting thing he mentions is that they've finished adding the characteristics of a werewolf's human-form, which includes yellow eyes and snarling!

The thing about this youtuber is that I don't know him, but you know what? I have him pegged as a good guy - he strikes me as a fellow who does this to make the Skyrim fans smile - He's the Santa Clause of Skyrim news. I'd consider myself Santa Clause of Skyrim news, but unfortunately I am often pretty damn mean.

But you should go watch - if anything, I'd call it reliable:

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