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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Some people like to call the way you did alchemy in Oblivion a minigame. I like to call it the "What alternative is there?" technique. It wasn't a minigame, but what I wonder is... Will Skyrim have one? For alchemy that is? I assume not, since Todd Howard doesn't really fancy them.

Still, Alchemy IS in Skyrim. Each of the class specializations, not that you're supposed to choose one of them, has its own skill. In Oblivion, alchemy was anything but useful - I often mixed potions for kicks, but the skill was never really needed.

Alchemy will be the Stealth craft skill in Skyrim, with more focus on making deadly poisons and if my wishes to the flying spaghetti monster comes true, also smoke bombs!
The several new climates also comes into play as we unfold our adventure in the art of creating liquids that make people die, since they will provide us with different kinds of ingredients, meaning that if you want to make something incredibly awesome, you have to travel around and get the appropriate ingredients first!

Master Howard has revealed to us that Alchemy will work differently from how it did in oblivion, but sadly we must remain in the dark of whatever the fuck it is he means by that.


  1. Oh dear... I have read a couple of your posts now, and they are interesting and informative!

    Now I have something to do for a couple of hours i hope. Maybe a couple of minutes each day, to use my reading skills and get better in English, as it isn't a racial skill to me... x)
    But if "the skill" as I call it is from 0 - 100, I think I'm somewhere around 60 - 70 (i hope) :)

    I would be very happy if you could pull some information from the darkness of the unknowing/unexplored, and find out if Bethesda have the recipe to cure - Mononucleosis - because I've spent the last months sitting on my ass and taking small walks with my dog... And ofcourse working, but taking it too easy at work...
    As I love to work out, (I am still a gamer right?), I hate this evil disease!
    And when i do recover from it, if it happens in the near future, how am I going to avoid getting fat!?
    I will be stuck on this site!!
    If I end up weighing 250 pounds, I will sue you! xD

    ps. I am at 170 - 175 pounds at the moment, so you're safe for now...
    - Mike

  2. and by saying "oh dear" I mean: REALLY!? Am I actually reading posts, instead of listening to videos on youtube that explain it to me, by talking into a microphone!? :o

    So, "oh dear", could be so much more... :o

    - Mike

  3. Haha.
    Unfortunately Bethesda has yet to release any information on what we can make other than poison and healing potions.

    Good that you make good use of your reading skills.