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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Races and Character creation - Broken down in the end of August

So it's been a long while since I wrote my article "Races and Character creation." So long that I decided to make a new one, with more info - Quantity and Quality improvement and all that stuff.

So to break it down, here in the end of August:

There are 10 character races to choose from and that would be
  • Imperial
  • Redguard
  • Breton
  • Orsimer
  • Dunmer
  • Bosmer
  • Altmer
  • Khajit
  • Argonian
  • Nord
You can of course choose either sex; male or female. Your race and gender will have little impact on the game, other than a change in dialogue. Although you should keep in mind that your race may have some unconfirmed changes, due to racism - Bethesda have however mentioned that no content will be locked based on our choices.

Like superman can fly, Piccolo can regenerate himself, and Batman can... ... Well, what I am trying to say is that each race has its own different advantages and spells, known as racial abilities - Argonians, for example, are resistant to poison and can breath underwater.

On the note of Argonians; They nor Khajits have beastial, but rather humanoid feet, like in Oblivion.

So in the character creation, we can make dope characters, as opposed to Oblivion where we could make fish-faced, silly characters. It works as usual - After you pick your race, you can tweek the facial features as you want, but with a few more additions beyond just beard (which is awesome) --> You can now add scars and tattoos, and not JUST on your face, but also on your body.

On that note, your body's size can also be tweeked, with the options of a Light build and a Heavy build (The way I understand it, you can choose anywhere in between, probably with the use of a slider.)

I guess that is it, so have a merry season for now.
Imperial and Breton is wrong, but beyond that we're good.


  1. oh no weird feet for my beloved argonians, oh well it was to be expected and in the end it doesnt matter either. but gosh im looking forward to the character creator, i'll spend hours there i just know it. so thanks for the post.

  2. Your welcome.

    I will surely spend the better half of November in the character creator, myself.

  3. Aight so I'm lovin the character creation, best of any game I've seen..but I want to kno, can hieght be altered? Or will there be the same hieghts, u kno huge altmer with with itty bitty wood elves and everything is that size proportion?

  4. I've been asking about that and as far as I've gathered - you can't. (Not totally sure.)

    Although, I expect the heavy build to make characters shorter (very little), as to fit the broadened body.

  5. Sad news az I wanted 2 make a giant nord blonde gimbly character for my Dovakhiin, the game is still at the top of my list but I c bethesda has 2 step up there game on many subjectz, much appreciated tho