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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

100 posts!

Without me noticing, I've passed the milestone of 100 posts, which is a wonderful thing for me, and hopefully for all of you as well.

I've had this site since... Mid June I think and I whored ( <--I just coined that) through the first 50 posts like fat kid through the chocolate lake at the factory.After that I've been taking it a little slower and been doing other stuff - Dancing, singing, going to the movies; you know... Living. Given that I am writing this in the middle of the night, I'd say that this project is still fairly important to me.

But I've also taken time off to do other Skyrim related stuff than on this site. Just an hour ago I finished translating a Swedish hands-on preview from QuakeCon and posted it on the official TES forum.

Doing this whole thing have actually taught me how to use blogger more efficiently, as well as a thing or two about coding, not that I make great use of it, mind you. If I had the skill to create my own website, I'd had done so in the first place. Still, I even added a forum, not that anybody is using it, which I perfectly understand, given that there are a million others.

That aside, I do realize that there are some things I have yet to write about; Some enemies, some PoI's, some general info and so on, but I'll get there in due time, which hopefully means that we'll reach 150 articles soon.

As always, I invite you to subscribe to this site via google and or your email, at the bottom of the site and if that is not your thing, you can always look up "Skyrim Coverage" on facebook, where I keep people updated and where you are also welcome to ask questions. If you've got any time after that, take a look at iOblivionIV's channels on Youtube, sporting some of the best info out there.


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