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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Random events

As you might now, a lot of people (like 10 or something) got to play an alpha build of Skyrim at QuakeCon, spanning an hour. Apart from the luxury of trying out this great game, they also received a screenshot of their characters, which are the ones I've been posting on the site. I am far from done, reading through what each and everyone of these people experienced, but there was something that did catch my eye as I was reading.

We all know that there can be a sort of random events in Skyrim, like if you have killed a man, radiant story can make his two sons come after you for vengeance. Believe you me, I love that fact, but that isn't all that I am talking about here.

In one the previews, a guy mentioned that he ran into a group of Stormcloaks (the rebel force of Skyrim,) escorting a poor captured person with them. Like in Fallout 3, the player had the option of releasing the S&M victim, although there was a colorful difference, mostly in the fact that the capturers wasn't a bunch of all-time hostil, mutated freaks that goes for a kill-on-sight cliché. No, the Stormcloaks are a somewhat peaceful faction, lest you piss them off, which he coincidentally did as he approached the prisoner, resulting in having them draw their blades and warning him off before things got... nasty.

Needless to say, he chickened out and left things alone, so we did not see the reaction of the freed prisoner, but the point that really should be brought to light here is that these kind of events happen in Skyrim. Never again will we scout the land for teeny tiny things that we might wanna add to our to-do list, before we declare the game 100% completed and move on.


  1. This is another thing that totally excites me about this game. I feel like stuff like this should always be included into a great RPG. Man, everything more I learn makes me want this game even more, and I don't know how that's possible. Thanks for the post. Like always, great work.

    - Jace

  2. I agree. This is definitely one of the things that'll keep the game going.

    Oblivion lasted 3-4 years, at least for me; So just think of how long Skyrim will last

  3. Yeah same here, Oblivion was one of my favorite games. (Single player at least) So I will spend a long time on Skyrim. Probably 3 times as long as I did on Oblivion. And that was around 3 years for me too.

    - Jace