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Monday, 15 August 2011

The riddling skull

Riddle me this: What is the best dungeon adventure / RPG cliché?

If you answered a locked door, opening only if you answer the riddles three, presented by the skull hanging right above, you've answered correctly. It was both in Monkey Island and the LFG web-comic, so it is an obligation to love it. Naturally, they've also chosen to include this ol' concept in Skyrim, which is of great joy and obligational laughter to everyone who'd even been slightly interested in RPG's.

Multiple times have it been mentioned, in the grand tales of the 1-hour gameplay, told by the reporter attendees of QuakeCon, making our brains boil and our souls burn in excitement. As they tell it, they came upon it at some random place out in the merry fine mother nature. It asked them some riddles, which they unfortunately did not have the knowledge and quick wit to answer correctly in time, 'causing us still to wonder what might lie beyond.

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