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Which was the first Elder Scrolls game you played?

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


One of the more loved mods for Oblivion, was the one by Hentai, that enabled dual-wielding (combines with his saucy combat mods.) Sure, you still needed to download the necessary weapons in order for it to work, but I digress.
A Dunmer thief, dual-wielding knives

Given negative emotion spawned by the lack of ability to dual-wield in the un-modded version of the game, Bethesda made the truly exhilarating decision to include it in Skyrim. it actually seems to be a thing that will become quite common, given you equip your spells like weapons now, but that fact aside, it is actually the weapons we are interested in.

The Elder Scrolls is all about freedom of choice, making me think that they should have allowed me to equip two swords at the same time years ago, but even though everyone is aware that the developers came to their senses, some people still have questions that go unanswered, more specifically: "How do we block?" And to that I can only say: You just don't.

Some have expressed worry over this, thinking that sporting this fancy choice of fighting will only end in swift death, given the inability to block, but to that I must really say that your worries are unnecessary. Of course the team will have balanced it out, otherwise they wouldn't be showing it off at E3 demos, let alone include it, would they now?

That aside, I also want to clarify that any one-handed weapon can be used for dual-wielding, and it is far from required to acquire a set of weapons specifically made for dual-wielding, which probably doesn't even exist. You can even dual-wield a torch, which, after Oblivion, can be considered as nothing but bliss and a welcome series of orgasms. A torch doesn't really help much if you have to unequip it every time you want to bring your A-game in combat.

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