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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Activity BOOM!

I must admit that I figured this site would go silent after the release of Skyrim, which was the single best day in the history of the world (who needs a cure for cancer?!) Yet, activity has actually gone up - The daily page views rise still, hovering just above the 30,000 ATM and we still get greeted by new members on the facebook page, on which people are still engaging and active.

You people surprise me. In a good way.
Better than chocolate and flowers - To which I wouldn't say no either.
Flowers are great - Especially when they come in a tiny basket, right after a very well performed musical <--- totally not a real life reference.

This activity boom is telling me that I should keep on writing. My major focus is on VEC, which I am guessing will be up and running in January, but activity shall remain here as well. I will try to divide my posts by pages, so that we can have categories called pre-release, post-release and mod reviews.
Easier access is the keyword... Along with squash. Squash is a funny word.

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