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Monday, 14 November 2011

McBraas: Save your game

A comment on my last post, spurred the writing of this one!
Save your game!
Do you not know the agony in losing even just a few minutes of progress yet? One day you will! That is, unless that you save!

Whilst playing Oblivion, I evolved a compulsion, causing me to save everything I do at least every 20th second (yes, I've timed.) Whether it's playing the game, or writing this post, I will constantly and barely without noticing, press the hotkey(s) for a quick save.

I recommend that you do the same, lest you want to be the bitch of game difficulty, power shortages, or an angry mother.


  1. I'm closer to 60 secs myself...or so... pretty much after every battle! When exploring its just as important cuz really you never know what you will encounter! I've run from so many bears its not even funny.

  2. Bears are fudging scary! They charge at a speed that just seems unreasonable.

  3. Why do they make them so freaking hard? I mean seriously if I encountered a bear in real life, decked out in Elven Armour holding a fiery mace-o-death in one hand and a lightning bolt charge in the other, you'd think I'd stand a chance! But not Skyrim, I've made many an attempt, now I just send my companion to fight them and pelt them with arrows from a, not so easily reached vantage point on a rock out cropping! Or freeze them with a shout and run until the music lets me know I'm safe!!

  4. I think I might be good at this game. I seem to have less trouble than others with various enemies.

    McBraas is learning a new move...
    McBraas is trying to learn Gloat...
    McBraas can only know 4 moves...
    Which move should be forgotten..?

    Bragging Wittiness
    > Modesty Writing

    McBraas forgot Modesty...
    McBraas has learned Gloat!

  5. Really? No trouble with bears ? To be completely honest now that i think about it, I haven't tried to fight one in a while! You have made me question my existence! To do list: Kill a bear face to face! To defend my ego and self esteem, I'm sure if I bear down, i'd be able to overcome one, but I lose patients when I'm wondering around enjoying a nice walk through the woods and all of a sound (growl) swipe-swipe! Ah man there goes my arm! I'm to goal oriented to be sidelined by a fight like that during my free time!


  6. @ Chuck
    How dare you write that much, without a simple comment on my clever Pokemon reference?!

    Well, be sure to let me know how it goes. I think we should keep count on how many times you get taken out by the animal that Winnie the Pooh is based on.

  7. I apologize for I never delved too deeply into pokemon and as such could not properly identify what you were referring too! No bears yet! Ill keep you posted!