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Monday, 14 November 2011

McBraas: Skyrim is well balanced

Difficulty is a keyword in RPG gameplay and fortunately, Skyrim hits it perfect. In spite of the immense amount of worrying there has been over their change of zone-leveling system, it can barely be noticed once playing the game.

First of all, the feeling of getting more powerful is there, but not in an overwhelming way. It slowly builds up and that is the way it should be done. As I move through the landscapes and dungeons of Skyrim, which BTW has gotten A LOT more entertaining, I feel the challenge varies and strategies needs changing, potions need drinking, and companions need taking the front and act as shield.

My first encounter in which I was overwhelmed by the power of my foe was not a dragon, no, it was a giant. It hit me and I literally flew 200 meters up in the air and landed smack on the ground, screaming Leeeeeroy on the way down - My neighbors were not happy.

After I had battled off the horde of complaining neighbors, who evidently can't take a little bit of "intense screaming and non-stop war cries" (I call it minor noise,) I went on through my weekend, with locked doors of course.

At one point, I felt screwed, as I had battled my way through a Nord temple, gotten the word "Tiid" (Time,) I found myself emerging on a balcony, about to battle the Hagraven I had chased all the way there. He was standing on the edge and I felt like pushing him off, firing off a funny, improvised pun in the process. Alas, it was not that easy, 'cause it summoned two Ice Trolls and they are NOT fun! Due to my rule about not changing game difficulty, I didn't win until my 10th try. Victory had never felt sweeter.

But the worst thing I ran into was not the Hagraven (of which I've killed three.) It was the Dragon Priest. They. Are. Hardcore!

The first I ran into, was at a word wall in the mountain. After killing the guardian dragon, I approached the wall, only to be brutally overwhelmed by a Dragon Priest, which there was no hope of defeating. I accepted my loss and decided to return later.

Then last night, I went through an entire Nord temple! It took 2 full hours (I died a lot!) But seriously; I could have had sex 21 times in that ti... Nevermind.
As I reached the end chamber, I was forced to swallow my pride and lower the game difficulty to defeat the hosting dragon priest - Even on the easiest level, I had a hard time killing him and his thralls. After my success, I gladly accepted the word "Strun" (Storm.)
That was just part 1^

A second, yet shorter described, balanced system is that of economy. Allowing the different merchants to only hold a specific portion of gold, prevents us from gaining immediate riches and since we can't carry all that crap around with us forever, we are forced to get rid of it as quickly as possible, lest we'd want to make the painful decision of leaving something precious behind.

I am very impressed with the balancing of Skyrim and it will continue to amaze me, I am sure.
Hope you are all enjoying yourselves.


  1. Hardest creature I've yet to fight aside from the Dragon Priests and a ghost variety of said foe! An Ice Troll 7 attempts and I was like "I think i'll just go around." After that encounter I began saving more frequently btw! And a Dwemer far the hardest so far! Two swipes at my shield ... done! I tried 10-15 times with different tactics (spells, scrolls, poisons, weapons) not a hint of a chance!(Level 16) Not even close! Problem was he was standing between me and a chest where a key was located! What did I do you ask? Got some stamina potions ready and just ran for it! Not my proudest moment but hey whatever it takes right?


  2. Could you shed any light on where you got the word "time"? I'm sure it would be different for me but just in case that part of the game isn't 'radiant!'

  3. @ Chuck
    The best offence is a solid plan of tactical retreat.

    @ #2
    Uuuh... I don't remember it exactly.
    It's up Northwest somewhere, a little south of another one called Voldskygge. The name of it is something with "hag" (It's a temple.)

    There's a Hagraven in there, which you have to damage a little in every room, for it to teleport away. Eventually you end on a balcony where it summons 2 Frost Trolls, which will kill you several times over (universal.) In the room just before the balcony, the word wall with "time" lies.

  4. Amazing thanks for the info. I'll look into it when I get a chance!

  5. Man I had that same issue with the dragon priest, the dragon is a simple foe in comparison. I too shall return later.

    ~Tackus McS

  6. I love that Bethesda made it so that there is a challenge again! Like Morrowind, there will be a creature/npc that you just can't stand up to at the time, so you come back later and whip its ass! Makes you look forward to and remember areas of the game rather than just crunch through dungeon after dungeon...which by the way look absolutely awesome. So distinctive! Feels like a real cave. GREAT JOBB OH MY GOD!! MUST PLAY MORE!

    As a stealthy dude, I find that I frequently have to avoid bears. They whoop my ass in two or three paw swipes (I'm only level 15 right now. Haven't been concentrating on my armor as much). Also spirrigans are beyond fighting for now. Those little groves! holy shit!! run away!