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Monday, 3 October 2011

Sean Bean is not to be seen

Ha! "Bean" and "seen" rhymes!

Look, I know that there has been a wide-spread rumor about Martin Septim making a cameo in Skyrim, due to the fact that Sean Bean has been listed as a confirmed voice actor on International Move Database (IMDb.)

I was actually hoping that it was true as well, but I'm afraid that I am going to have to burst the fantasy-pink-clouds-and-ponies bubble. Pete Hines have responded to a tweet, asking about this very topic, and stated: "Sean Bean is not in Skyrim. Martin Septim has been dead 200 years. IMDB is simply mistaken."

Sad, I know, but definitely survivable, wouldn't you say so?
Never Forget!


  1. I was wandering if there were any updates on werewolves and other were creatures. Does anyone know if they will be built into the game?

  2. Good question. I actually have posted about that some time ago, here:

    A short recap:
    Werewolves will be in the game, but it is quite possible that it will be via DLC and not in the initial release.

    Other were-creatures seem redundant, and I wouldn't count on it.

  3. See again, ign has an article about a secret reveal for possibly new DLC for Skyrim, with an oddly familiar face.