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Which was the first Elder Scrolls game you played?

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Daedricus Artefactus!

One of my favorite things in The Elder Scrolls games are gathering and owning artefacts! I simply adored Knights of the Nine, since that was primarily what it was all about! Plus, you could put them on display afterwards! I could scream louder than a young teenage girl at a Tokio Hotel concert - Neat stuff.

Therefore it is great that the achievements have revealed to us, the magical fact: There are at least 15 Daedric Artefacts to collect - Fucking glee! It was already revealed to us that the daedric princes would make a return, although not necessarily all of them - This just adds excitement. In a way, I both love and hate Bethesda for doing this - I am having trouble waiting.


  1. dude i LOVE you. No homo. Just saying you'relike exactly like me. Also where are you getting all this info?

  2. As the nice person said before me.. well.. I "like" your posts very much.
    And I know you've got someone on the inside to help you gather all this info... *shifty eyes*
    Alsthough I also knew of the returning of the deadra, if people would just do some research they would have know this ages ago...
    But as allways you keep me posted with new and old info.
    Making old info more fun to read, and maybe fill in a few gaps.
    And giving me some new info too! :)
    I must have read all of your posts, and some of them more than once.
    I have said it before, and I do so again.
    You are very good at this!!
    When they tell us that TES VI comes out, I am looking forward to reading your posts! ;)

    And liek yourself, artifacts and putting them on display is also one of my own points in Oblivion.
    I really loved it! I even kept things and notes from quests - questlines and the like to tell a story when I put them all together in desplaycases or putting things on shelves and so on.
    Battlehorn castle is one of alot of places you could do such things (With the mod that give you " alittle more space")

    Deadric artifacts were always fun, and when you achived them you were allways left with a feeling of doing something good, that also was bad.
    Which is frustrating when I think about it, but the artifacts were alot of fun! :)

    As allways - Looking forward to your next posts!

    - Mike

  3. My, oh my - Thank you :p

    I actually don't have an "insider," but those that do, seldom use them and properly inform us all.

    My info is the result of thoroughly examination and info-searching on the internet - Which I've spent an unbelievably amount of time on.

    Then I separate all the info and put it into posts here, which I then tag with keywords so that people can find and read whatever they want to.

    Essentially everyone would be able to do what I do given they have enough patience, writing skills and actually want to do it.

  4. I would also like to thank you for all the work and research that you've been doing! I love reading your posts and it saves me looking for information, plus you make it fun to read. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. If you haven't planned this far ahead already; you should continue this blog and review popular mods/official DLC's etc after release. It would keep the site going and I know where I'd go for an opinion on a mod if you did reviews!


  5. Oh my, thank you!
    I hadn't thought of that! I'll totally do that! :p

  6. That's great!
    Then this site will stay bookmarked as long as I play Skyrim i guess! :)

    Thanks McBraas!

    - Mike

  7. Any new info yet?

  8. I have a couple of drafts, I just haven't had time to finish them yet.