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Monday, 3 October 2011

McBraas responds: Thoughts on the 20 minute demo video - Part II

...Walking further through Riverwood, we can see the wonderful new conversation system, filling my heart with warmth, since one of Oblivions major faults clearly was the "stop-time" conversation system. Curse it! Curse it, I say!! Also take note that the way our trusty Black Smith talks seems more unique, as opposed to Oblivion (again) were everybody talked the same way - This is clearly the outcome of hiring new voice actors! Huzzah!

Alvor the Smith says that he does the smithing and also that he fixes the Lumber Mill, causing me to wonder if the mill will be permanently ruined if I combine said vandalism with brutally murdering Alvor. In his sleep.

Todd directs the character onward to a quick view of the Lumber Mill and then to his trusty, fat steed that I have chosen to call Chubby Steve. He rides Chubby Steve up the mountain where he shows us a far-away view of the Throat of the World, the biggest mountain in Skyrim and by god, I have tears in my eyes, for this sight is the greater than Niagara Falls! FACT!

On to greater experiences! Todd makes a quick stop by a tower - remember that? There are 2 guards there and this I've been waiting eagerly to make comments on; More so than on the questionable, glowing lunch in the cafeteria at school! He shows us 2 old spells reborn: Detect Life and Frenzy. I must admit that I didn't really use them in Oblivion. I never figured out how to use Frenzy properly and Detect Life was just annoyingly blocking the view. Seriously -.-

Detect Life is now a spell that is active as long as you are casting it, constantly depleting your magicka pool, which is awesome. Frenzy now works effectively - He fires it at one of the guard, and as the name suggests, he goes on a frenzy, trying to kill his friend! That. Is. Bad. Ass!

Moving on, he eventually reaches Bleak Falls Barrow, where he is attacked by a dragon, which you might have noticed. The dragon action we get to see is short, but magical. Unfortunately, he is a wuss and runs away into the temple.

List of awesome:

  • Dragon sitting like a badass statue and suddenly just jumping at him.
  • Detect Life and Frenzy reborn!
  • Sweet combat with guards.
  • Better conversation system.
  • Chubby Steve.


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