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Which was the first Elder Scrolls game you played?

Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Encumbered Scrolls: Skyrim!

One of the most miraculous things in RPG's, more miraculous than even flat-screen TV's (Just kidding - nothing is better,) is that everyone seems to have an ability to carry around a lot of crap without any pockets. As fond as I am of having that ability, I am pretty sure that it'll be one day added to list over resolved issues. Whilst that sucks, then I must say not entirely; for with it comes the encumbrance system, which I, no, WE hate if it isn't done tastefully, which it, funnily enough, rarely are! Ha. Ha. Ha. Funny.

But as much as I like not dipping my private parts into molten lava, I decided to dig in (no pun intended,) and see how'd Bethesda has done it this time around - X-iting!

Much to my surprise, it was good news! Glorious!! Ever seen a rainbow? This is better! Not that the rainbow sets the bar very high. Todd, god deity of our community, has stated himself that we'll be able to carry A LOT more in Skyrim, than in any of the previous games, so we don't have to drop nearly as much stuff.

Of course this affects other parts of the game, mostly economy, but evidently they've worked out a pretty good system, which I adore more than the Cookie Monster adores cookies.


  1. I know this has nothing to do with this topic but i thought you may know. As you probably know in fallout 3 there were the bobbleheads and in fallout NV there were snowglobes. Are there gonna be any collectabes like that? If so do they boost your stats? Or are they just worth money?

  2. You're actually not the first to wonder about that, but I can't say I am too sure about that - I'll look into it, though.

    Personally I'd say that the chances are slim, given that it's more of a Fallout gimmick. I'd say the most we'll see of collectibles are stuff like Daedric artefacts, like the WabbaJack!

  3. And a more convenient place to ask questions is on facebook:

  4. Ok cools thanks

  5. Oh! Finaly!
    I am tierd of going into an old alyed ruin and then go halfway through a ruined fort and suddenly... I can't move.
    Now I need to make the painfull choice of which items I have to leave behind!
    Looking forward to Skyrim even more now, if that is possible, but I think I'll still have a problem though...
    As I might go into four or five ruins or forts, caves or whatever, and the same problem will haunt me once again.
    But I don't care! :)
    Even though carrying more is more than welcome!

    - Mike

  6. To that, Mike, I can only say: In-fucking-deed!

  7. Omg that used to annoy me so I used to use adrenaline rush as I was a red guard and then run outside and fast travel to the imperial market