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Thursday, 27 October 2011

6 Gigs?

If Pete ever snaps from taking crap, I won't blame him, given the massive rage against Bethesda that has occurred after the release of the very late PC specs. It is quite common for people to act in an aggressive manner when fear strikes and it seems that the fear of Skyrim being small, ugly or having lack of content is no difference.

I am of course referring to the fact that Skyrim only will take up approximately 6GB of space on your hard drive, which have gotten people worried.

For months, I have been answering your questions and gathering intel, but now I think it is time for me to ask you one - From all you've seen and all you know of Skyrim and the team behind it, how can you ever, EVER doubt that this game will max out on the epic scale? Time and time again, Bethesda has proven that they go above and beyond - Always!

So why does Skyrim only take up 6GB? As Pete stated: They use a new engine and they have simply become very skilled at compressing.
My advice: Be happy - Don't look a gift horse in the mouth - Leave Pete alone.


  1. Well said. Totally agree. I mean, just look at the screen shots, how could Skyrim not be awesome?

  2. I like how we're only 2 weeks from release and suddenly a lot of people have stopped liking the game due to bethesda releasing info about so-called 'bad' things... kind of stupid if you ask me

  3. If people want to be that shallow and ignorant about this game then whatever. Miss out on the most epic game to grace the earth because "oh my, it doesn't meet my standards of how much space I think it should take up on my hard drive for a supposed huge game". People are also freaking out about the whole 'you can beat the main quest line in two hours' thing. IMO Bethesda probably shouldn't have blurted that out but they were very explicit that it was all button mashing and running through everything and this guy did the same thing with the main quest in Oblivion in one hour fifteen min. I pulled the trigger early on buying a PC (exclusively for this game) and thankfully I am above the recommended specs. However, if I was one of the people waiting for the specs to come out I would have been pretty irritated. Bethesda seemed pretty lax about the whole issue and then didn't make their own deadline. All this posh aside though I am excited as ever for this game. I've been following it from inital rumors to now two weeks and sevenish hours out and I have no doubt it will deliver on all the hype it's been riding on. To Skyrim!

  4. I didn't even know O.o
    Hey! I'm happy! I have very little space left on my lil hard-drive! ><
    And I will never ever get worried or even think bad about this game.
    I know bethesda deliver good stuff, allways!
    Pffh... I hate the fact that people freak out because of such things.. dear me.

    Anyhow.. I'm still looking forward to it, from the very start of this long wait, since december last year I think. There is not very much time left now. But I don't think I can wait untill i get myself a new computer... :S
    I hope it is possible to transfer my save-files onto another computer...

    But back to the issue at hand!
    Very well stated Braas! I couldn't agree more!
    And if people are - that - stupid, even after all they've seen!!! Then.. Then... then they understand less of pc specs and the like then ME! HAH! hah.. haa... err ... well I understand the basics! ^^

    oh well ... good night!

    - Mike

  5. People will rage and complain over the silliest of things. Heck, I'm sure I've done it myself in the past.

    So the game only takes up 6 gigs of space. That doesn't mean it's going to be some horrid, empty mess. From everything I have seen, the game looks like it will be amazing. Obviously, we won't know for sure until we get our hands on the game ourselves, however I am fairly confident it won't disappoint.

  6. i have played tes since i can remeber so i know for a fact they won't dissapiont and like he said they know what there doing so stop whining and enjoy the game i've been waiting since last year for it so some stupid mermory thing isn't going to affect me in any way i just won't let it

  7. Is skyrim 6 gig on consoles too? I have a small black 360 and they only come with 4 gigs of memory will I still be able to play?


  8. Yes, Gunn. You can play, but you have to use the disc - you can't install it.