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Saturday, 29 October 2011


I'm confused - We've had months and months to ask for details about Skyrim and yet no one has asked if there is Skooma!

Don't know what Skooma is? Skooma is an illegal, liquid drug manufactured from refined moon sugar, which we saw from time to time in Morrowind and Oblivion - We could even find the Skooma Den in Bravil.
Originally it was banned by The Empire, due to its usually devastating effects, but I'm thinking: 200 years later!

It's not that drugs are all of that, but it just sort of adds to the immersion that they also have illegal street medication, like us non-fictional people do (I'm not saying that we literally have it in our possession, but that it exists.)

I like the idea of finding out that the well respected noble is a Skooma addict, by accidentally stumbling upon his private room, fall, and by sheer coincidence having our lockpicks fall out of our pockets and into our hands, whilst it slowly approaches the lock on his chest and just happens to lock it up in the process.

Anyway - I was just wondering.


  1. Yeah, Skooma costs bloody loads as well so its an easy way to make a quick buck: as a american would say.

    - Owain
    P.S : You pronounce it Owen

  2. I kind of wish drug dealing was a more obvious means of income in Oblivion.

  3. Yes I was wondering about skooma....... I'm sure it's going to be in it... When oblivion released they didn't say, " it has oblivion gates, giant mudcrab, and more importantly Skooma makes it's return!!!!" but it was in it right. Of course it will be there....... And best thing of all, 200 yrs. later it will be a lot more potent!

  4. 'Twas hard not to crack a smile at the end of your comment, -Victor-